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Our Vision

To Bring Positive Transformation To People who Consult Us

Our Mission

To provide you the most cutting-edge advisory service, combining ancient traditional wisdom and relevant modern psychology and science. 



Formerly known as Renaye and Paul Consultancy Group, we have undergone big transformation in 2018 to create better services for our supportive clients!

ALCHEMY CONSULTANCY delivers cutting edge advisory services, applying traditional wisdom made relevant to modern individuals and established companies since 2001.

From government agencies to conglomerates; professionals and individuals seeking direction, ALCHEMY CONSULTANCY can assist in identifying core issues, helping you choose the best course of action and finding success in all areas of your life; including career, love and family.

We have been all around the globe; from Malaysia to Indonesia, Mauritius, Maldives, China and the United States. Our knowledge crosses borders and works on a global scale. ​

Reinvigorate your business or personal life with us.

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Corporate Clients


  • AGB Education Pte Ltd

  • Kaplan Profressional

  • SMU Singapore 

  • NTU Singapore

  • White Lodge Education Singapore


  • DBS Bank Singapore

  • Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd

  • UBS Bank Singapore

  • Bank Bukopin Indonesia, Jakarta 


  • Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore

  • Club Med (International) 

  • Ritz Carlton Hotel, Beijing China

  • JW Marriot Hotel, Beijing China

  • Hyatt Hotel Singapore


  • Ksuite Entertainment and Recreation Pte Ltd

  • The Casino Royal Integrated Entertainment 


  • Centre for Management Development (CMD)

  • (ST Electronics e-Services Pte Ltd)

  • Home TeamNS

  • Marine Time Port Authority Singapore

  • Safra Club Singapore 


  • Prudential Insurance Singapore

  • Tokyo Marine Insurance 

Career Fairs 

  • JobsCentral Career Fair

  • JobsCentral Malaysia

  • STJobs Career Fair

  • Health & Holistic Fair Malaysia

  • Her World Bridal Fair 


  • FLY Entertainment Pte Ltd

  • Mediacorp Pte Ltd

  • The Singapore Women's Weekly

  • Cleo Magazine Singapore

  • Shape Magazine Singapore

  • Harpers Bazaar Magazine Singapore

  • Simply Her Magazine Singapore

  • Elle Magazine Singapore

  • Parent's Magazine, Beijing China

  • L'Official Magazine, Beijing China

  • NuYou Magazine Singapore

  • Her World Pure Digital Magazine Singapore

Event Companies 

  • De Events

  • DMC Event Management

  • Event Link Pte Ltd

  • eWerkz Projects

  • i-Vox Communications Pte Ltd

  • IIDEAS Pte Ltd

  • Jeannetic Koncepts

  • Lovorth

  • Quintessentially Events

  • Red Space Entertainment Pte Ltd

  • Ritz Events Asia Pte Ltd

  • Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd

  • Stage ON!

  • Stagewerks Events Pte Ltd

  • That's Innovative

  • The Flying Dutchman

  • Unearthed Productions

  • Urban Studio Pte Ltd

  • V-Concepts Pte Ltd

  • White Arena Pte Ltd 


  • CHANEL Pte Ltd

  • Elizabet Arden

  • Estee Lauder Cosmetics Pte Ltd

  • (Bobbi Brown, Clinique)

  • L Beauty Ptd Ltd

  • L Oreal Singapore Ptd Ltd

  • (Lancome)

  • LVMH Fragrance Brands (Kenzo)

  • Shiseido Singapore CO (Pte) Ltd

  • Swarovski

  • IOMA Paris 


  • A Dam Funky Talents Pte Ltd

  • ACRONIS International Pte Ltd (Asia)

  • Aon Consulting Singapore Pte Ltd

  • E-Steel Pte Ltd

  • GMC Services Asia Pacfici

  • John Little Pte Ltd

  • Knight Frank

  • Lululemon Athletic Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Mapwerkz

  • Maxis GBN

  • Milchel Pte Ltd

  • PepsiCo Global Concentrate

  • Solutions

  • PT Dihen Bersama


  • Schneider Electric, Beijing & Singapore

  • SKAL International Singapore

  • Sonam Young Associates

  • ERA Property

  • NTUC Uflx Leaders

  • Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore


International Advisory

Established since 2001

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