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Master Paul Kek

Co-Founder, Certified Feng Shui Master, Facilitator

  • Certified Bazi & Fengshui Master
  • 八字和风水大师 (认证)

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment

  • 注册导师和测评师证书

  • Kirlian Aura Colours Consultant/Trainer

  • 人体气场顾问/ 导师
  • Crystals Divination Consultant/Trainer

  • 七彩水晶磁场顾问/ 导师/ 讲师
  • Professional Tarot Consultant/Trainer

  • 塔罗牌顾问/ 导师 (认证)
  • Certified Numerology Teacher/Consultant

  • 灵数学顾问/ 导师(生命密码认证)
  • Certified Reiki Practitioner

  • 灵气技师 (认证)
  • Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner

  • 水晶治疗技师 (认证)


Co-founder of Alchemy Consultancy Services and Alchemy International Academia Pte Ltd, Paul is the in-house certified Feng Shui Master. Reliable and practical, his methods are known for their ease of implementation.


Opting for minimal changes yet the maximum influence, Paul updates Feng Shui for the modern climate, ensuring businesses and families their best possible environment for abundance.

He has shared his expertise internationally, as well as over several radio appearances, and the Master enjoys seeing the tangible results that happen to his clients.

Paul is certified Feng Shui Master, who occasionally guest speaks at radio stations locally as well as abroad. The Acta-certified instructor is frequently tasked with corporate talks and workshops for companies who want to imbue their staff and customers with helpful knowledge. His sessions have been conducted in Singapore, several other countries across Asia, as well as San Francisco.

Reliable and practical, his methods are known for their ease of implementation.

What our Clients Say...

“I’ve consulted Paul for many years and have actually shifted with him each time he moved office from Maxwell to Bugis to Orchard and back to Bugis again. He has also become a friend to me as I consulted him over many issues and over life’s various occasions. I find him to be very friendly and his advice and consultation to be very constructive and inspiring. I’ll definitely recommend his service to people who feel lost/need advice for different stages of their life. “

-Catherine Lee

“My first tarot reading session with Paul was about 2 years ago. I was amazed by how accurate his tarot reading was. Paul made me believe that fate is in my own hands and I could lead my desired life as long as I follow the advice. He will always make that I understand the readings and the actions need to be taken to prevent the ordeal or achieving my desired outcome. Paul is friendly and polite. I feel comfortable telling him what I’m thinking and my wants.

I always feel positive after consulting him as I’ll no longer feel lost. Now, I’m one of his regulars. I will definitely recommend people who are lost, need help or just curious about the future to Paul.”

-Xiao Ting

“Thank you Master Paul for your in-depth tarot reading + side reading practical life guidance for my work and relationship issues. I’ve learned and have enjoyed my second consultation with a total open mind and better perception with my next venture. Thank you again and god bless,”


"Dear Paul, It has been great to have grown and develop a strong relationship since more than 7 years now. I am happy to still see you and will continue to keep the relationship. I do appreciate all the advice through the years. When we will develop later, it will be good to do some business together. All the best, keep strong.”


“Dear Paul, it was a real pleasure working with you. Your advice, counsel, friendship has given me lots of comfort and assurance; likened to a compass that points the way when one is in desistance. Thank you and God bless.” 

-Yin Peng

“Paul is a very easy-going and reassuring person, always willing to listen and give advice based on what the tarot cards say. You will find that he is also willing to give Feng Shui and crystals advice, but please do give him details (e.g direction of your room)so he can help you. Very patient, amicable, good to have known about his services through a friend a year ago!”


“-Quite accurate in forecasting. 
-Know the actual situation quite well. 
-Good advice to me
-Overall good recommendation and admire.”

-Charles Ho

“Got to know Paul through my sister, first time seeing him was for my marriage and he did a good job by helping us throughout the wedding. He is so friendly and helpful, even when there is a lot of hiccups throughout, he still help us to solve without any cost. One very important thing is he is very accurate. Will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.”


“It my 1st consultation with Master Paul. Enjoyable experience with insightful advice. Will try my best to follow.”


-Mei Hua

“Paul has provided valuable advice and he’s guided me through life’s difficult decisions. Thank you and great job Paul!!!”


“Paul is funny and pretty accurate about his forecast. A very enjoyable experience with him.”




International Advisory

Established since 2001

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