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1st Mercury Retrograde of 2020 & Its Impact!

Mercury Retrograde happens every 3 times in a year. What it means is that it will turn backward and it because like number 5, it governs our 5 senses , it is also associated with Travel & Transportation, Network, Communications, Transactions and Technologies, it can cause some drama or disruptions and disturbances during this period.

The actual date starts from 18 February to 9 March 2020.

However......there is a Pre-Shadow and Post-Shadow of its effect and energies.

The Pre-Shadow starts today 2 February till 27 February 2020 and the Post-Shadow starts from 10 March till 29 March 2020.

This Retrograde will affect Geminis and Virgos the most, but majority of us will feel it.

Technologies such as hand phone, computers, transportation, vehicles can be delayed or breakdown, miscommunication especially via emails, whatsapp messengers might not get through, etc.

What is interesting is that this period Mercury Retrograde is happening in Pisces (which is associated with Emotions, Spirituality, Mysticism, Feelings, Intuitions, etc).

This can lead to us feeling lost, confuse, disillusion and deception. What will see us through is our Wisdom, Compassion, Understanding and Creativity.

Therefore, not advisable to purchase anything expensive, especially technology stuff, wait until 29 or 30 March onward.

Be extra careful if you are negotiating with your clients on any deals, be clear and read several times on the contract, the terms and conditions. It will would be good to have several protection clauses added in.

If you are looking to change a job or start job hunting, maybe better to do so after end of March 2020.

Remember, Mercury Retrograde is not a 100% bad thing. It give us time to do some deep reflection and come to terms with our feelings.

We would be given certain second chances in life. An old wound gets time to heal now. You would be brought back to your spiritual realm.

During this period, avoid all negativity or even negative needy clingy people. If you have clients are negative and challenging, be extra patient and do not get suck into their dramas and problems.

Recharge yourself with good thoughts, prayers, read happy books, watch happy movies or do meditation, listen to positive music, etc.

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