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Ideal Room Decor for Zodiac Signs (Part 1) !

Our personality affects everything we say or do, and even how we live! Even our environmental choices pick up our nature, and reflect clues on our star signs. If you sometimes feel a little out of place at home, why not check out our suggestions on decorating and designing your space?

This week, we start with the first 6 signs!


You are full of energy, optimistic, and impulsive. You're a self-starter, admired by many. At times, you seem larger than life, and your home is no different.

DO let your adventurous spirit shine through in your home. Spotlight curios from your travels around the world. You've done and seen it all, and your experiences make you who you are. Incorporate pops of red, strong metals, and a heavy English antique or two into your look.

DON'T forget about your loved ones and guests when designing. As strong as you are, you are made better by those in your life. Your home will be more balanced, and you will be happier if you surround yourself with tiny reminders of those you love.


You're patient, determined, and affectionate. You don't much like change, but boy, do you like your belongings.

DO display your collections as decor, in whatever style pleases you most: in neat orderly rows on a shelf or piled high atop a mantel. Antiques are a natural choice for you, and your elegant and refined taste can make even the smallest apartment take on the personality of a country manor.

DON'T let a room become too feminine (or masculine). Grouping like with like is always a good idea - just make sure to add balance. If you have a collection of delicate porcelain, for instance, arrange it near a leather club chair and a copper lamp.


You're restless, lively, clever, and sociable. You value your freedom and the opportunity to express yourself.

DO set up a home that can transition from creative space to entertaining hot spot. Start with a warm and lively environment (accent with yellow and Tiffany blue) with stacks of good books to keep you learning and plenty of visual inspiration from design magazines and art books. Then make your home party-ready by adding poufs for extra seating, glass and brass for evening sparkle, and plenty of surfaces for guests to set their drinks.

DON'T neglect the less fun but super important task of finding a home for all your belongings. Without this structure, your home can easily be overwhelmed by half-completed projects.


"Home is where the heart is" must have been coined by a Cancer. Family, tradition, and nostalgia - these are all essential to you.

DO spend time and energy on your kitchen. The heart of every home, the kitchen is where your family and guests always congregate. Keep it clean and uncluttered, so it can be your happy place. Fill it with decorative elements that echo the ocean, such as sea shells, jars of colored sand, and the cool colors of the sea.

DON'T neglect to incorporate strong metals, especially silver, to cool down all that warmth. And don't forget to get out and about (get the family to take a walk after dinner). You'll appreciate your cozy home all the more when you return.


You're enthusiastic, creative, extravagant, and the ruler of your kingdom. But when your mind is made up, watch out!

DO let your love of luxury loose. Think Hollywood regency, or Versailles made modern. And you don't need the wealth of a French king to bring the flash of Hollywood, France, and Italy into your home - just head to HomeGoods. Consider making a statement with Oh Joy's wallpaper. It's your color!

DON'T go overboard. All that brightness needs a cool and relaxing backdrop (think white, blue, or gray) so you aren't left blinded by the light. White walls, a cool and light palette, gold accents, and pops of fuchsia will strike the right balance.


You're practical, down to earth, extremely hard working, and a bit of a perfectionist.

DO take the output of all your labor and incorporate them into your decor. Crafts, gardening, jars of preserves, that half-knitted scarf - these can all look great clustered on a tabletop or buffet or gathered in a basket. A home filled with items that are beautiful and functional: that's your goal.

DON'T feel pressured to make your home flashy. Leave that to the other signs. Feel confident that simple is beautiful, too - although a bit of light from a reflective surface (try vintage brass hardware or a mercury lamp) will bring out the warmth of rustic wood.

Found anything you liked? Chances are, more than a few of our design tips struck your fancy.

If you didn’t find your sign here, fret not! We will share more about the other 6 signs next week!

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