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Ideal Room Decor for Zodiac Signs (Part 2)!

So what do the signs at the end of the year fancy? Are they a vibrant or calm brood when it comes to interior design?

Find out in our next 6 star signs and their favourite styles for their homes!


You are diplomatic, polished, and artistic. You prize beauty, art, and harmony, and you charm all you meet.

DO go with your natural instincts. You gravitate toward art, flowers, crystal, and objects from your travels around the globe. You know instinctively the importance of balance in design. Artifacts from China, Tibet, and Japan will add layers of depth and complexity to your cool and contemporary home.

DON'T forget to set aside a special corner of your home just for you. You make partnership look effortless, but every union is strengthened when its members have the space to pursue their dreams.


You're passionate and unyielding as well as imaginative and intense beneath a cool exterior. But watch out when you get mad! You are a formidable opponent, indeed.

DO embrace your love of the dramatic in the home: utilize strong colors and bold patterns to make a statement: accents of crimson and burgundy, Moroccan rugs, and the flash of metal. And make sure to invite others into your home to share the bounty - giving to others will bring you true happiness.

DON'T forget to give the eye a rest from time to time. White painted trim makes a nice backdrop for all that drama, and multiple points of soft light scattered throughout the room will soothe and sparkle more than one jarring overhead light.


You are energetic, generous, and ambitious. You are always up for a new challenge. Above all, you prize your freedom.

DO bring your love of the outdoors in. Your strong sense of wanderlust may cause you to think interior design is not for you - you don't plant roots anywhere, so why decorate? But design doesn't have to be complicated to be beautiful. Select items that are functional as well as beautiful, and then find a home for each of them. Functional items can also be decorative, as long as the overall look is clean and pared down.

DON'T let clutter bring down your clean aesthetic. Unfinished projects happen to everyone, so just make sure they have a temporary resting place that is out of sight.


You're reserved but ambitious, striving upward and outward while remaining grounded.

DO feature the colors and textures of the earth in your home: rustic woods, bamboo, natural rugs, iron, and the colors of dark green and brown. Bring in pops of color and complexity with handmade textiles and artifacts from India and Mexico. Think Frank Lloyd Wright, wood trim, and a wooded view (or a stained-glass window if the view is less than great).

DON'T go overboard with the midcentury look. It's not the 1950s anymore - make sure no one thinks otherwise if they pop over for a visit. Streamlined Danish furniture is a good thing, but skip the vintage toaster and swap out retro fabrics for hand-dyed versions you sourced from Etsy.


You're an original - a thinker whose thoughts are entirely her own. You do things your own way, and you don’t mind if others know it.

DO bring that independence and appreciation for individuality into your design. Like something? Use it! Put it out for people to see - no worries if it wasn’t ever intended for the purpose you’ve assigned it. And keep your home light, bright, and airy (white walls and paper light fixtures are good if you have enough natural light) - you need to make sure the air can circulate. (It’s your element!)

DON’T overlook the importance of warmth in a home. Use splashes of warm and bright colors (fuchsia, orange, or yellow) and soft textiles to provide balance in your cool and refreshing home.


You're intuitive, imaginative, and an incurable romantic. You go with the flow, until you’re taken down for the count (usually by yourself), so you need your home to be a haven.

DO be your bad boho self. Pile on the patterns, textures, and color. Get that quilt from the flea market and the table made out of Portuguese tiles. And make sure every visitor knows the backstory behind each and every object with meaning.

DON'T forget that Anthropologie catalogs (despite their drool-worthy-ness) are not reality. Real life requires practical solutions, in addition to whimsy and wonder. So remove that scarf draped over the lamp (it's a fire hazard), choose function over form in the kitchen (no cutesy measuring cups), and make sure your home’s biggest purchases are built to last.

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