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On Stephanie Goh’s favourite Tarot Deck and Why

Have you ever wondered with hundreds of tarot design out there, what do the professionals use for their reading?

Find out which deck Stephanie uses for her readings and why it is her favourite!

Which is your favourite Tarot deck?

My favorite tarot deck is the Radiant Rider Waite Tarot Deck. I have been using this deck for over 15 years.

Why do you like this deck so much?

I appreciate the brilliantly glowing and luminous colors. The pictures are simple and easy to understand, and I can feel its positive energy as it resonates with my intuitive self when I do readings for myself and with my clients.

What other attributes do you like about the deck?

I prefer my readings to provide choices for my clients rather than predicting a future possibility.

The future is what we make of it and it is not a certainty we can’t change.

This deck feels like it conveys that and is a wonderful tool for contemplation.

Can you give some examples of the cards within the deck that you like?

The High Priestess with its mostly blue and dark tones represents watery emotions and yet remains somehow cool and detached .There may be things hidden and you may need to probe to get all the facts out in the open.

My other favourite card in the deck is The Sun. The dominant color is the bright, radiant yellow of the sun, representing energy, power, courage and life-giving force. It speaks of joy, hope, youthfulness, improved health and abundance.

I often read a combination of 2 Major Arcana cards together, out of the 22 Major Arcana in the deck, to get a better picture of the situation for a quick question.

Wheel of Fortune and The Lovers showing up in sequence often happens when a person asks about his relationship. It means that the two are soul mates, and a chance meeting will set forth the wheel turning in their favor to become lovers.

What would you say to the person wanting to get this deck?

Radiant Rider-Waite is an excellent deck to start with for beginners, as it’s easy to interpret. So once you learn to read this deck, it is easy to transition to other decks if you so wish.

It’s a collector’s must-have to add this to your tarot collection.

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