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Astro-Tarot Forecast for October 2020

1 Aries - 21 Mar to 19 Apr Six of Wands


The Six of Wands fulfils you with it’s fiery and sometimes aggressive energy. You may favor head on tactics against subtle strategies and wish to charge straight into obstacles to resolve them. However, this is not the best technique you can adopt this month.

You must remember that what you put into something will be brought back to you by other people. You should be extra cautious especially given Mercury’s retrograde in the middle of October.

Adopt a more diplomatic tone and focus on networking over brute forcing your way through meetings or obstacles. You must learn to reign in all the fire that the Six of Wands adds to your life. Think smart so that you can obtain victory this month.


There’s a New Moon in your 7th house of relationships and marriage from the 17th of October onwards. This feminine energy combined with the excitable and confident nature of the Six of Wands creates a bit of a clash this month. Again, Aries should not look to aggressively solve their problems.

Instead, it can be useful to hang back and watch a situation play out. The New Moon encourages you to be more sensitive to your partner’s feelings and work towards supporting them instead of putting them down. Walk carefully this month and you will be okay, Aries.


Venus enters Aries’ 6th house of health and fitness. The Six of wands indicates that good health is highlighted for you during this month, however, you must be careful as it could be subject to fluctuations. Especially with how busy and frustrating this month may be, Aries can easily fall prey to burn out or emotional exhaustion.

Therefore, you must ensure that you take plenty of rest and breaks during your schedule. Ensure you have the proper outlets to vent or talk to someone if needed. If you can follow these simple rules, then October will be a relatively easy and smooth month for you in terms of health.


October is a mixed bag for Aries. While the Six of Wands does bring in some wealth into your household, the strain from other busy areas of your life may result in increased expenses. Coupled with Mercury’s retrograde in the middle of the month, you will have to be careful about the delicate balances of your wealth and expenses.

Set up good habits by keeping a budget and adjusting accordingly when the situation changes. Though it can be tempting to throw money at issues, try to restrain yourself and find another way to fix it.

Lucky Dates: 2nd 3rd, 20th, 21st

Lucky Color: Soft Blue

2 Taurus - 20 Apr to 20 May Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords is one that signals of the discourse and obstacles that Taurians may face this month. October is a frustrating month for Taurians, as the Nine of Swords signals, you may experience a lot of stress from work.

Coupled with Mercury’s retrograde, making progress in work may feel like pushing a boulder uphill this month. Sometimes, it better to lay low and let things pass over rather than trying to fight it.

Avoid the temptation to resort to underhanded means to pursue your goals, it will not end well. Instead, take a step back this month and avoid getting caught up in drama or unnecessary conflicts.


Venus makes it’s way into Taurus’ 5th house of romance and love. While your own birth planet seeks to aid you by providing many opportunities for you to socialize as well as encouraging support from your loved ones, you must still be careful.

The Nine of Swords’ influence alongside the dramatic nature of Venus can lead to conflicts or arguments between your loved ones. While it is unlikely these conflicts will completely ruin the good mood of this month, they can still be draining. Stand your ground in this area, there is a good chance you can rally the majority of your family onto your side of the argument.


There is a new moon Taurus’ 6th house of health and fitness, a change from Mercury’s presence last month. The feminine and mysterious energies of this planet calls for you to be cautious this month. Your health is much more delicate this month. It may be a good idea to schedule a doctor’s check up just to ensure that everything is okay.

Emotional stress can affect your physical health heavily so ensure that you take breaks and do not let yourself become overburdened. Trust your gut instinct when it comes to your health. Sometimes your intuition knows best.


The Nine of Swords in finances, advises you not to hold on too tightly to money this month. Easy come, easy go is a motto that you have to learn to live by this month. All the same, it doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared.

Ensure you top up your rainy day budget and look over the limits on your spending. You may have to make adjustments on the fly, but always ensure you don’t become too complacent with the protections you have set. It pays to be a bit more cautious this month.

Lucky Dates: 4th, 5th, 27th, 28th

Lucky Color: Pale Silver

3 Gemini - 21 May to 20 Jun XIX The Sun

The Sun card shines down brightly on your work environment. However, it’s intense energy seems to point towards the competition and expectations of those around you this month. Your attention will be in high demand and the competitors around you will be much fiercer than last month.

Mercury’s retrograde only further complicates the situation his month, making it difficult to find the solutions to the problems and issues that may plague you this month.

You will have to be careful, especially if you work with others or have a boss, as tempers in the workplace may be volatile this month. Either lay low or pull up your sleeves and get ready to join in the fray.


There’s a New Moon in your 5th house of love and romance this month. It’s feminine and mysterious energy makes your love life a bit clouded this month. It is also a planet that signals something new and unexpected may come occur this month.

You will have to push through whatever obstacles that crop up your way. Geminis in relationships will need to walk on egg shells as you or your partner may be more sensitive when it comes to arguments or issues in your relationship. Keep moving forward and the air around you will slowly clear and let you breathe.


The Sun is an energetic and strong card. Mercury also enters Gemini’s 6th house of health and fitness. You feel active and healthy this month, expressing yourself through action and working hard towards your physical goals.

However, you must be careful as confidence can easily give way to cockiness and enthusiasm to carelessness. Remember you still have limits this month and must focus on any task that is given to you. Don’t let yourself become too reckless. As long as you remember these rules, enjoy this month.


Your money is heavily tied to your career this month, with Mercury’s retrograde and all other energies, you will have to thread carefully. You may find that you have no choice but to spend money in order to take care of issues or problems that crop up. Expenses can increase or crop up when you least expect it.

You may have to be a bit of a miser with your money this month. Now is not the time to lend out to others or be extravagant. Save enough for a rainy day and prepare enough beforehand. You will be grateful that you did when this month comes around.

Lucky Dates: 18th, 19th, 27th. 28th

Lucky Color: Golden Yellow

4 Cancer - 21 Jun to 22 Jul 0 The Fool

Venus goes from Cancer’s 2nd house to their 3rd house of communication and social interaction.

The Fool card represents a young and inexperienced individual, which is what you may feel this month when it comes to your career. Communicating with your colleagues will be key, however, in negotiations, you may find it difficult to bring your point across or get your way.

As always, this will only last for a short period of time. In the meanwhile, try to network with those in stronger positions who can aid you in your case. While you may face some strong competition, however, this is a good time to focus on building up and strengthening relations with those who already are on your side.


Mercury makes it’s way into Cancerian’s 5th house of romance and love late in September and continues to influence you deep into October. Like The Fool, Cancerians approach romance and love with a bit of a naïve attitude this month.

Be careful, as you may end up digging yourself a hole. External factors such as finances or career decisions may drive a rift between you and your loved ones. Always try to protect yourself when you go into a relationship. Mercury urges you to be smart and strategic with your moves. Do not let yourself be blindsided.


The stress from both your career and social life may bleed into your health. Cancerians are a notable sensitive sign, so you may be affected by the emotions that result from these two areas. Take care of yourself as your health will also be much more sensitive this month.

Remember that your mental and emotional health are just as important as your physical heath. Do not neglect them. Ensure you keep a balanced diet and proper sleep schedule. Resting and taking breaks is the best course of action this month. And as always, ensure you have someone you can trust whom you can talk to when you need to.


Your finances are tied to your work this month. As such, it can be hard to predict what sort of pattern they will follow. However, they will not be as turbulent as other areas of your life, so you can breath a sigh of relief. Simple budgeting will help you take care of most of the issues that may occur this month.

Be cautious about entering business ventures with loved ones. It is important to double check all contracts and ensure that there are no loopholes that others can exploit against you. Safeguard yourself legally, ensure you have others look through your contracts to ensure they are airtight.

Lucky Dates: 4th, 5th, 26th, 27th

Lucky Color: Light Green

5 Leo - 23 Jul to 22 Aug XI Justice

Justice is a black and white card. The obstacles that plague you this month, while complex, are mainly in the area of legal problems or due to a higher authority.

Venus also enters your 2nd house of money and work; throwing a wrench in your emotions. It can be easy to give into your temper when dealing with problems, however, this will only worsen a situation. You have to play it smart this month. Rely on logic to help guide you through this month.

Justice tells you that you need a clear head in order to assess a situation. Steel your nerves and don’t let the obstacles ahead of you knock you down. You will be able to make it through this month stronger.


Mercury jumps from your 3rd house to your 4th house of home and family late last month. Blended with Justice’s straightforward nature, Leos may find their personal and love lives to be as complex as their careers. Issues or arguments that come up this month may be complex and come from a source that’s been brewing for some time.

There is no easy fix, but the hardship you go through can help bring you and your loved ones closer. Again, these problems will likely fall in the realm of finances or legal troubles that will take a while to resolve. Again, you must dig your nails in and work logically to get through any problems.


Leos will likely be homebodies this month when it comes to your health. Not only does Mercury’s energy focus your attention on your household, but your health also may call you to rest more at home. You are more sensitive to illnesses or disease this month, so make sure you take care of yourself.

Ensure you take adequate breaks and have a proper sleep cycle, as it can be hard not to burn out with how busy you will likely be this month. Don’t beat yourself up, this is naturally a stressful time for Leos.


When it comes to finances, Justice ensures that you are paid fairly this month for your efforts. Leos can breathe a little easier this month. With Venus in your 2nd house, you will find yourself bolstered somewhat when it comes to your finances. However, be careful as you may find that your expenses will increase this month as many things will call for money to be spent.

The boost from your lucky stars will help you get over It more smoothly, however, you should still top up your rainy day budget and adjust your spending accordingly. Otherwise, you can relax when it comes to your money.

Lucky Dates: 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th

Lucky Color: Light Grey

6 Virgo - 23 Aug to 22 Sept Eight of Cups

Venus replaces the Sun in your 1st house of self and attitude this month. Things rapidly cool down. The slower and more melancholic energy of the Eight of Cups also helps things slow down.

Virgos may find themselves becoming more impatient with the issues that seem to drag on endlessly this month. This is a stagnant period for you especially when it comes to your career.

It is also an introspective time where you will be doing a lot of reflecting on yourself. The stars advise you to take some time. Do not judge the big picture solely on this period of stagnancy.


The Eight of Cups can signal a strong urge to take a step back from your personal and love life. Mercury also enters your 3rd house of communication and social interaction. You are considering your own words and that of your partner or loved one more carefully when you communicate with each other.

This can have a deeper impact on your relationship as you are beginning to reflect more deeply on you and your partner’s relationships. The stars still push you to maintain harmony as best you can this month, and as before, leave any major decisions till after this month.


As you can guess by now, the theme of this month seems to be stagnancy. When it comes to your health, it is hardly any different. You may feel more lethargic this month, and may be prone to accidents if not careful.

Though it can be frustrating to hear you have to take extra caution this month, understand that it is for your own good. Avoid burning out by taking adequate rest. Do not supplement your diet with energy drinks, take full and proper meals. Always put your health first, there is nothing else that should be first priority


There is New Moon in your 2nd house of work and income late this month. The Moon can cast a fog over your finances. The Eight of Cups also signals that you may be dealing with an overall loss when it comes to your money this month.

The best case scenario you can hope for with careful planning and budgeting is to break even. Expenses will naturally increase this month, while your extra income may stagnate. Prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for this month. This is the best thing you can do.

Lucky Dates: 4th, 5th, 18th, 19th

Lucky Color: Baby Blue

7 Libra - 23 Sept to 22 Oct X Wheel of Fortune

A New Moon wakes it’s way into Libra’s 1st house of self and attitude from the 16th onwards. It’s energy calls for Libras to trust their intuition when it comes to tackling obstacles in their career.

The Wheel of fortune is an ever turning and changing card that calls for you to adapt to your surroundings. In order to be able to adapt, you must quickly research and plan your next moves.

Going blindly into a situation will do you no good, instead Libras must be both tactical and intuitive in order to overcome the obstacles this month. Only then, will you make any progress.


Venus moves from Libra’s 11th house to their 12th house of endings and spiritual closure. It’s energy combined with the changing tide of the Wheel of Fortunes may point to some drama in your personal life. Conflict is part and parcel of domestic life with loved ones; what matters is how you work your way through arguments or misunderstandings.

Despite the conflict that occurs around you, you need to take a breath and reign yourself in. Be the mediator and peacekeeper in your household. You are the solid rock that will be able to hold everyone together. In the end you will come out more united as a family.


Libras may find themselves stretched thin this month as they will likely be busy with both their work and their personal lives. As such, you may find yourself a bit drained, though it is unlikely to be anything serious. Know your limits as always and top up your breaks or rest with some extra time in order to compensate for any possible burn out.

Be sensible and reasonable when it comes to the demands of others. Do not bite off more than you can chew. Overall, stay calm and collected this month and things will turn out fine for you, health wise this month.


Mercury entered your 2nd house of income and money late last month, and continues to influence you this month. Libras can breathe a little easier when it comes to their finances. The Wheel of Fortunes’ ever changing energy will not badly affect your income. Expect some small fluctuations, but nothing major.

As always, attempt to pay off any debts you have this month while things are stable. Ensure you keep a budget for a rainy day in the coming months and most of all, do not panic. Instead, enjoy yourself, knowing you are capable in handling this area of your life.

Lucky Dates: 4th, 5th, 18th, 19th

Lucky Color: Bright Yellow

8 Scorpio - 23 Oct to 21 Nov King of Cups

Mercury takes over Scorpio’s 1st house of self and attitude, late from last month. It’s intellectual energy combined with the high position of the King of Cups points to October being a bit of a tiring month for Scorpio.

You are a highly capable individual, because of that, you may find that only you are able to deal with the issues that naturally fall on your plate. This can be difficult and overwhelming month, with complex issues and obstacles to leap over.

However, trust in your mind and better judgement, that you will be able to make it through this situation. Your efforts will pay off, work solely for your own betterment.


Things take a drastic change from last month, as the Sun leaves your 11th house of friendship and society, replaced by the New Moon from the 16th of this month onwards. Enjoy the bright and optimistic energy while it lasts.

Once the New Moon’s energy and the dominant energy of the King of Cups starts to affect you, things may turn quickly. Emotional conflicts and misunderstandings are more likely to crop up this month. However, do not let yourself become closed off. The King of Cups serves to remind you that you have a network of friends and family to rely on should you ever need to.


The King of Cups cautions you to be careful this month. It’s energy signals that you may experience a re-emergence of an old illness. Those with allergies or chronic pains may find them flaring up this month.

Avoid damp or dusty areas. If possible, taking home rest this month may be the best as you may be more sensitive to germs or diseases this month. Remember to prioritize your health this month as it is very precious. Always put it first before anything else. Remember, you can rely on other people for support if you do fall ill.


Your finances are heavily tied to your income from work this month. So you can imagine that the situation is a bit difficult. As you may experience delay in your work, you may also experience a delay in your income.

However, there is nothing too serious in the cards this month. All the same, you may have to dip into your emergency budget in order to keep off the bills while you wait for your money to flow in. This is temporary, as is this difficult period. Things will get easier towards the end of the year.

Lucky Dates: 4th, 5th, 18th, 19th

Lucky Color: Royal Blue

9 Sagittarius - 22 Nov to 21 Dec XV The Devil

The Devil is often a paranoid card that likes to test your endurance.

Venus also enters your 10th house of career and status this month. It’s energy means that most of the issues of this month will likely arise from problems in relationships with your colleagues or business partners.

You should take care to ensure you do not accidentally overstep anyone’s boundaries or make false promises to them. It’s better to avoid making enemies.

Regardless, you should put up your walls a bit and ensure that you do not put too much trust into others this month. The workplace is a bit disharmonious, but if you keep your head down and remain vigilant, you should still be able to make some progress.


Things take a bit of a dip from last month. Not only is the cold energy of The Devil in you corner, but the cool New Moon also falls into your 11th house of friendship and socializing midway in October. From that point onwards, you may notice more conflicts cropping up between you and your loved ones.

The New Moon brings a fog around you, where misunderstandings, gossip or rumours can cause rifts in a relationship. You should strive to maintain open communication and avoid letting your emotions get the better of you. It may help to keep quiet in certain situations instead of adding on your opinion to it.


Things continue one normally for the first half of this month. However, Mercury’s retrograde from the 13th onwards will change that. You may begin to feel more drained or lethargic and this is normal. You shouldn’t blame yourself for needing to rest more or take longer breaks when your body really needs it.

Listen to your body. Be vigilant with your emotional health as well, as this month may be difficult. Guard your emotional wellbeing this month. This is a trying and tricky month, but this is just another bump in the road that you will have to get over. You will feel better when you come out of the other side and be proud that you endured such hardship.


Your finances are affected by your income. It is best to take the good fortune in September to prepare for this month. Your expenses in both your career and personal life are expected to increase.

Sagittarians with family may find that they need to provide more for their children or relatives. It is unavoidable this month, but if you have prepared well, then you will be able to weather the storm better. In the end, you are content to know your finances go towards necessary expenses for the betterment of you and your loved one.

Lucky Dates: 4th, 5th, 26th, 27th

Lucky Color: Light Red

10 Capricorn - 22 Dec to 19 Jan Five of Cups

A New Moon enters your 10th house of career and status. It’s foggy energy combined with the cautious Five of Cups, signals that this month won’t be an easy-going time.

Capricorns must fight tooth and nail in order to achieve their success. However, it will not be done so by aggressive means, but rather through shrewd and calculative moves. You must rely on your intellect and wit in order to succeed this month.

Networking will be important, as the more connections you have to back you up, the better it will be. However, be weary of people looking to take advantage of your skills. This month may be emotionally draining.


Unfortunately, there is not much harmony within this area this month. The Five of Cups can indicate disappointment in your love life this month. Attached Capricorns may find it harder to get along with their loved ones due to sudden conflicts or misunderstandings.

Mercury in your 11th house of friendship and socialness, suggests that you consider travelling with your loved one to help abate any tensions. Overseas or long distance relationships may be somewhat spared this month. All the same, Capricorns should be weary this month, as there is a chance people may backstab you. Exercise some caution in trusting people and you will be fine.


Capricorns should continue to take a break away from the deeper stresses of work this month. Your energy levels are still not quite what they should be, therefore, you may continue to feel drained and exhausted.

The Five of Cups may indicate some emotional burden will weigh you down this month. This is a stressful month and naturally, you will feel this way. So do not blame yourself. Instead, find ways to relieve your stress, through gentle exercise or meditation. Eventually, your strength will return.


Capricorns can breathe a little easier when it comes to their finances. While fighting for progress in your career is difficult, in the end you are able to maintain your income. You may still make a small loss due to increasing expenses, as indicated by the Five of Cups.

However, it is likely to be nothing major so you can relax. Overall, finances will work itself out this month for you. Do not let yourself get too stressed. This period of waiting and stress will eventually pass.

Lucky Dates: 4th, 5th, 27th, 28th

Lucky Color: Pale Red

11 Aquarius - 20 Jan to 18 Feb XX Judgement

Mercury makes it’s way into Aquarius’ 10th house of career and status last month, and it’s energy will continue to affect you this month.

Combined with Judgement’s energy, this month advises you to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings in your workplace. Issues that occur this month will require you to sit down and take your own time to unravel them.

Problems will not resolve quickly, but you must always persevere. Take things one at a time. Focus on them and avoid getting side tracked by needless drama or gossip. You must put your goal in front of you this month and follow the path towards it obediently.


Venus makes it’s way from your 7th to your 8th house of intimacy and joint ventures. While Venus brings joy for couples who have been together a long time, it also brings in a slew of drama into the mix. Young couples may find it difficult to agree upon join decisions such as moving in together or sharing an account.

Family members may also provide unwanted opinions which can lead to conflicts on old issues. Judgement advises you to view all these incidents with a discerning eye. Trust your head and do what you know is logically the best for yourself. Trust this period will also pass eventually.


Judgement is a card that calls for you to be aware of your surroundings, body and mind. You may be prone to carelessness this month due to all the things going on in other areas of your life. This can put your health at risk, so you must remain vigilant. Don’t be afraid to trust people with tasks if you do not feel up to par.

Visit a doctor if you feel you need a check up to ensure everything is running alright. It is best to be a home body this month as it is likely you will need a lot of rest to cope with everything. Keep all of this in mind and you will make it through this month alright.


Despite all that is going on, Aquarius is spared from the hardship of this month when it comes to your finances. You continue with the good luck from last month, ensuring your finances and income are still predictable.

There may be a small increase in expenses, but it is unlikely to affect you significantly. Focus on the other areas of your life at this moment. Your finances will naturally improve as you work towards your goals there.

Lucky Dates: 6th, 7th, 19th, 20th

Lucky Color: Light Grey

12 Pisces - 19 Feb to 20 Mar Ten of Swords

The Ten of Cups signals that this will be the most difficult hurdle in your career journey, however it is the last major obstacle you have to overcome before you can make further progress.

Venus in your 7th house of contracts and business partnerships advises you to pull on your network of allies to help you this month. Most importantly, do not rush through this month.

As much as you want to get it over with, this is an important time and you should not be reckless or careless with your decisions. Stand your ground. You are close to the end of this fight.


Venus is in your 7th house of relationships, contracts and partnership, while the New Moon makes it’s way into your 8th house of intimacy and merging midway in this month. These two strong and even dramatic energies this month can throw a wrench into your romance plans.

The Ten of Swords also signals there will be hurdles this month that you cannot overcome neatly. With the New Moon, it is difficult to see what lies ahead for you and your loved ones and that can be a scary thought. However, instead of thinking so far ahead, cherish the good times now and work on the problems together as they come your way. There is no time like the present.


Things take a turn from last month. As indicated by the Ten of Wands stress seems to be the main theme of this month and it is easy for Pisces to feel overwhelmed by everything that is going on.

There may be a temptation to indulge in junk food, careless behavior and the like in order to vent your stress. While this may provide a rush of endorphins in the short term, in the long term the effects will only add onto your stress.

Instead turn to more relaxing ventures in order to relax; such as meditation, sleep or exercise. Again, do not take anything to the extreme, find a moderate middle ground.


As before, stress is a running theme this month. This is unfortunately no different when it comes to your finances. But you have an advantage. You can prepare ahead for what is to come. In October, you may find your expenses increasing and causing you to make a net loss throughout the month.

It is unlikely to be a major loss, but it will happen slowly overtime and this can leave you frustrated and feeling uncertain. This period will eventually pass, but you should mentally prepare yourself for it to come.

Lucky Dates: 14th, 15th, 26th, 27th

Lucky Color: Calming Blue

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