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Master the Tarot Foundation Online Course
Jun 15, 2022, 8:00 PM GMT+8
Online via Zoom
Get acquainted with the 78-card oracle deck, now renowned around the word as a tool for guidance and insight. Offer nuanced consultations and even make it into a viable career when you master the deck, equipped with deep insight into any situation, from family to strangers, for work to relationships
Can you make it?

What the Course includes 

Online Workshop

6 X Online "Live" Video Class once per week
(can replay later)

Taking Notes

Course Materials and Assignments

In the Classroom

8 X Q&A & Practice Online sessions
(once per week)

*** Every course graduate is invited to join our Whatsapp Learning Group to post readings and analysis with other learners. 

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Course Description:


Since the beginning of time, men have always been fascinated with the mysteries of the world. Every one of us is curious what our destiny is and what does the future holds for us. The Tarot (one of the 3 divination tools in the Western world) has been shrouded in mystery and due to various movies or TV dramas, it has always been connected with magic or the occult.


In actual truth, the Tarot is a divination tool that reflects the journey of a person’s life using archetypical pictures (with many hidden symbols and signs) to tell a story.


It can accurately reflect what is happening in your life, the obstacles or challenges you face and even “Forecast” the future. Use it wisely, it is known to bring wisdom and clarity to what we cannot see or acknowledge deep within our mind and hearts. Wise men and women throughout the ages either uses the Tarot or sought guidance from it.


Anyone can learn to read the Tarot as long as they have a thirst for knowledge and would like to use this to help themselves, motivate, guide or help others.


If you have no knowledge or just have some experiences with using the Tarot, this 6 weeks online course is specially designed for new students. The goal is the provide a solid foundation with lots of practical useful information for the learner from zero knowledge to be able to confidently do simple readings for themselves or others.

There will be practices, exchanges and step by step guide to make learning the Tarot easy and practical.




Course Objectives


The primary objective of this basic 6 lessons course is to equip participants with the basic knowledge about how the Tarot works and to decipher the meaning of each 78 cards associated with Career and Relationship. Most importantly, to empower the student with the skills of analysing, reading and providing solutions from the Tarot cards.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to


1. Develop good insights and understanding on how the Tarot works.

2. Develop the skills to analyse and read all 78 cards.

3. Discover how to connect the cards and give accurate forecast pertaining to your Career and Business.

4. Using various spreads to provide accurate readings and solutions to the problem.

5. Learn how to apply this knowledge to guide yourself, friends and even your clients.

6. Provide rational and logical advise or solutions to yourself and others using Tarot as a tool.


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