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Tarot Pictures of Flowers

78 Tarot Cards Consultation

Alchemy International Advisory offers meaningful and personalized guidance to individuals and businesses through the use of tarot readings.

Our tarot readings tap into the energy of the universe to provide clients with the insight and clarity they need to move forward in their life and business.

One - What is Tarot?

Tarot cards are a powerful form of divination that taps into our subconscious minds.


By laying out the cards and interpreting their meanings, you can gain insight into your life and the decisions you need to make.

Three - Career

Tarot cards can help you gain insight into your career and relationships at work.


By reflecting on your present situation and forecasting the future, tarot can provide you with the clarity needed to make informed decisions.


It can help you gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles and opportunities you face in your career and relationships.

Five - Wellness

Tarot can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.


With its ability to provide clarity and direction, Tarot can help you become more aware of yourself and the journey you are on.


Tarot can also provide a greater understanding of the energies that are present in your life, helping to enhance your overall sense of wellness.

Two - Personal and Non-Religious

Tarot is not associated with any religion, but is instead a powerful tool that brings guidance and clarity.


With the help of tarot, you can discover what the universe has in store for you.

Four - Relationship

Tarot can provide insight into relationships, both romantic and platonic, and help you understand what drives them.


Through tarot, you can gain insight into the motivations and feelings of yourself and your partner, friend, or family member, and gain a better understanding of why things happen the way they do.


Tarot can help you understand your inner fears and concerns with relationship matters, and be a tool for healing, understanding yourself and those around you.

Six - Bonding with your Child

Tarot can be a powerful tool for helping to build better relationships with children.


Through the use of tarot cards, you can gain insight into your child's feelings, motivations, and insecurities, allowing you to create a more empathetic bond.


Tarot can also bring healing and bonding to both parent and child, as it can provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore and communicate emotions.

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