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Feng Shui For Home
(HDB & Condominium)

风水大师 - 郭定灵

Feng Shui Master (Certified)

Paul Kek

(Since 2005)

Our Feng Shui Master Paul Kek

We are not only what we eat, but where we live as well. Our environment affects us greatly, and a Feng Shui audit will augment the energy flow of your house to achieve harmony, health and abundance.


Live happy and enjoy your home sweet home.

Our Certified Feng Shui Master will assess your house and advise you on aligning all the elements to the rules of Feng Shui to create the optimal environment to invite harmony, prosperity and happiness into your lives.



  • Selection of up to 3 home units (for new house, if any).

  • Site measurement of selected final home premise.  This includes both exterior and interior of the premise to get the most accurate measurements.

  • BaZi analysis of family members staying at the premise (which also includes domestic helper, if any).

  • Advisory on all elements such as rooms layout, bed and furniture placements, air-con placements, design, colour themes, dining area, living room, kitchen and item arrangements.

  • Advisory on remedies and correction.

  • Liaise with your Interior Designer or Contractor (if necessary) to ensure that the renovation or designs are according to the Feng Shui requirements. 

  • Selection of auspicious dates for renovation, moving and entry of new home. 

  • Maximum of 2 to 3 visits until the project is completed to ensure the required Feng Shui adjustments/changes are done properly. ​




  • Date and time of birth of all family members. (May include domestic helper if any)

  • Floor plan and direction of the house

  • Full payment (upon 1st visit)




  • Master Paul will schedule a date and time to visit the house to take exact measurements. This will include both external and internal premises and has to be during the day.


  • During the assessment, he will provide a brief on the family’s BaZi, along with instructions on auspicious and inauspicious colours, layouts and placements of all areas.


  • Master Paul will also recommend methods to rectify negative elements or sectors.


  • House owners/s can now submit their notes to their designers or contractors. Any changes or suggestions can be sent to Master Paul for review and alternative planning.


  • Once the plan is finalised, Master Paul will issue auspicious dates for renovation and moving.


  • At an appropriate stage later in the renovation, Master Paul will do a second physical visit to ensure all discussed plans are actualised, and to correct any if not.


  • After renovation is completed, owner/s can purchase necessary items (if required) themselves. If additional assistance is required, they can contact our office.


  • Master Paul will conduct one final physical visit before the move-in date.




We understand the fluid nature of home decor. After completion, owner/s can still contact us for post-consultation support. This is available for up to 12 months and at no additional cost.

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