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Learn what your Zodiac has in store for you in our Astro-Tarot Forecast for June 2022. 

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Destiny Guide

  • Unsure about which career path to pursue?

  • Wondering if that someone is your significant half? 

  • With Numerology and various types of "tools" to analyze, let us help guide you to happiness & success.


Enhancing Energies

  • Be it your office or your house,

  • Feng Shui can help you figure out the most efficient layout to bring you wealth, harmony,  productivity and success.


Knowledge is Power!

  • Have you always been fascinated with topics on Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Feng Shui, Colours, Crystal , etc?

  • Are you interested to learn how to analyze your own Numerology or get start a business offering consultations and solutions?

  • We have conducted various classes in Singapore and overseas since 2002 and will continue to share these powerful tools and knowledge with anyone interested!

"Paul is very easy-going and reassuring person, always willing to listen and give advice based on what the tarot cards say."


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Types of Services

Providing you the tools you need to find the solutions to your problems. 

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Career Path 


Unsure about which career path to pursue? Wondering what industry suits your strengths and interests? With Numerology and card analysis, let us help guide you to success.



Wondering if that someone is the perfect partner for you? Wan to know how to bond better with your child? Through Numerology and Card reading, we can help you find the answers. 

Feng Shui

Home and Office

Be it your office or your house,

Feng Shui can help you figure out the most efficient layout to bring you wealth, harmony,  productivity and success.

Auspicious Date


Looking for the perfect date for your wedding? Wondering when you should plan your honeymoon? We can help you choose the luckiest and most successful date for you now!


Birth Chart Anaylysis

Recommended for those new to Numerology or who would like to know more info about how their birth name and birth date can influence their personality, success and interests.

1 Year


Wondering what the coming year has in store for you? Want to know what to plan for the new year? Be it your career, relationship or finance, let us help prepare you with our 1 year forecast!

Chakra Crystal


Crystals and colors hold special properties that can be used to heal and soothe. Find what crystal stones suit your lifestyle the best and what benefits they can bring you in life.

Name Selection

Chinese and English

Names matter; be it the name of a business or even the name of your child! Let us calculate the most successful name for you or your children according to your date of birth.


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9 Temasek Boulevard

#07-01 Suntec Tower Two

Singapore 038989

Nearest MRT:

Promenade MRT (CC4 / DT15)
  Walking 2 mins from Exit C 

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Bus 107M
  Walking 0 mins from bus stop B02141

 Tel:  (65) 9366 0272

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Established since 2001