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Astro-Numerology Intermediate Online Course
Nov 09, 2022, 8:00 PM GMT+8
Online via Zoom
Become a Professional Numerologist (Decoding Your Birth Name)
Can you make it?

Course Name:  Astro-Numerology Intermediate Online Course

What will you learn

  1. Deeper insights into your Birth Numbers.

  2. The 9 Planetary Houses of Numerology  (Your life time strength, skills, abilities, weakness, etc).
  3. Decoding your Birth Numbers in the 9 Planetary Houses.

  4. Why is your Birth Name powerful and influential on you?

  5. Decoding your Soul's Desire, Personality and Destiny Numbers from your name.

  6. How does Name's Hidden Behaviour Patterns affect your Personality?

  7. Missing Karmic Tools from your Birth Name and how to compensate them.

  8. Important Rules of Name Change.

  9. Lucky Numbers Selection

                                                                  Your Course includes:




6 X Lessons Video                                              6 X Q&A + Practice Videos                       Material Notes


**  All videos will be sent to your email via WeTransfer within 48 hours after each session


1)   Completion of Astro-Numerology Foundation Course (Online/In Person) with us.

2)   Basic Knowledge of Elements and Numerical meanings.

3)   Keen to take your Numerology skills to the next level.

Course Objectives


The primary objective of this intermediate 6 lessons course is to equip participants with deeper insights about numbers and numerical vibrations, to acquire the skills of computing one’s numerical orientation. 

This is to understand one's strength and weakness, areas to improve oneself and how names and birth dates can influence a person’s characteristics and potential accomplishments in life.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to gain in depth skills to analyze theirs and others birth date and birth names.  They will have the knowledge on what tools/methods to use to improve their well-being and achieve personal success. 

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