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Master The Tarot - Online Webinar Courses

What is the Tarot?


Since the beginning of time, men have always been fascinated with the mysteries of the world.  Every one of us is curious what our destiny is and what does the future holds for us.  The Tarot (one of the 3 divination tools in the Western world) has been shrouded in mystery and due to various movies or TV dramas, it has always been connected with magic or the occult.


In actual truth, the Tarot is a divination tool that reflects the journey of a person’s life using archetypical pictures (with many hidden symbols and signs) to tell a story.


It can accurately reflect what is happening in your life, the obstacles or challenges you face and even “Forecast” the future.  Use it wisely, it is known to bring wisdom and clarity to what we cannot see or acknowledge deep within our mind and hearts.


Wise men and women throughout the ages either uses the Tarot or sought guidance from it.  Anyone can learn to read the Tarot as long as they have a thirst for knowledge and would like to use this to help themselves, motivate, guide or help others.

Why learn Tarot readings?

  • Have you always had strong interests in topics like Tarot, Astrology, Ba Zi, Feng Shui, etc?

  • Do you have a deck of Tarot but not sure how to use it?

  • How would you like a ready-made proven system of techniques (taught since 2002) for guiding yourself or your clients to the next level?

  • You can Do what YOU LOVE while creating a new profitable income with ease!

  • Would you like to get paid while helping and guiding people using the Tarot or Numerology in a professional way?

  • Would you like to become a PROFESSIONAL Tarot or Numerology Consultant in demand?

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Master the Tarot Webinar Course


Our online "Master The Tarot" webinars comprises of the following:

  1. Master The Tarot Foundation Course - 6 Videos + 6 Q&A sessions (Live Lessons Online)

  2. Master the Tarot Intermediate Course - 6 Videos + 6 Q&A sessions (Live Lessons Online)

  3. Master The Tarot Advanced Course - 6 Videos + 6 Q&A sessions (Live Lessons Online)

  • Tarot & Relationship Webinars - 2 Videos (Live Lessons Online) (Optional workshop) (TBC)

  • Tarot & Career Webinars - 2 Videos (Live Lessons Online) (Optional workshop) (TBC)

  • Tarot & Health Webinars - 2 Videos (Live Lessons Online) (Optional workshop) (TBC)

What the Course includes? 

Online Workshop

6 X Online Video Class once per week (can replay later)

Taking Notes

Course Materials and Assignments

In the Classroom

6 X Q&A Online sessions (once per week)

*** Every course graduate is invited to join our 'Mentoring Programme' (1.5 hr) held once a month, at $100 for a year. With each course level completed, existing members in the programme can opt to extend their year's membership at the end of the current cycle by another 12 months. 

There are 3 levels for the entire Master the Tarot course, which comprises of Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.


Each level is made up of 6 lessons (1.5 to 2 hours each) held once a week.  The original plan is to have the learner complete all 3 levels in 18 weeks (4 months) time, however there is no pressure and the learner can take as long as 1 year or more to do so.


Each lesson consists of a 90 to 120 minutes live video.  The video will be recorded and email to the learner after the lesson which allows them to go through the lesson if they missed the webinar. 


There will be handouts given out for each course and some questions after each session for the learner to do some research or reflection.  This will help the learner to have a deeper insight and understanding of the course.


There will be an additional 30 minutes Q & A live video via Zoom 3 to 4 days after each lesson to answer any question that the learner might have.  This is optional and the learner can choose whether to attend the Q&A live session.

How long does the course last?

Adult Education Course

What is the cost & schedule?


Your Facilitator - Renaye Chan 


Co-founder Renaye is a multi-disciplinary consultant who has garnered respect for her work with personal and business clients alike.


A published author and speaker with radio stations both locally as well as abroad, she holds regular columns in several publications, such as Singapore’s Xin Min Daily, Lian He Wan Bao as well as magazine I Weekly and CLEO.


An ACTA-certified instructor, Renaye has been conducting corporate and WSQ programmes in her unique, affable way.  Her greatest motivation since founding is to empower people, especially women, by unlocking their unnoticed potential. 


Master the Tarot Webinar Course is conducted by Renaye Chan who is a professional Astro-Tarot consultant and facilitator since 2001.


Together with her partner Paul Kek, they have provided professional consultations and taught thousands of students (39,000) in Singapore and overseas countries such as China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changsha, Tianjin, Fuzhou, etc), Malaysia, Indonesia and Maldives.


Some of their corporate clients includes Club Med, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, La Prairie, Triumph, Maybank, DBS Bank, Christian Dior, Bvlgari, Schneider Electric, IPSOS, SPH, Mediacorp, Mindef, 3M, JW Marriott Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Bloomberg, Apple and many more.


Many of their students have successful gone on to become Professional Tarot Consultants (Freelance or Full-Time). (Read Testimonials Below)


“I am grateful to have chanced upon Renaye’s tarot classes as it has helped me to acquire a life-long skill to not only help myself but also allow me to guide many others in making important decisions in life. I enjoyed every lesson as it was fun and informative. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and skills with us.”  

– Janice Leong


“Thank you for generously imparting your knowledge and selfless sharing! Enjoyed learning with wonderful classmates too! Looking forward to Numerology Class!”

– Ivy Toh


“Getting to learn the Tarot under Renaye & Paul and meeting new friends in class have been one of the best moments since I returned to Singapore. It has been truly enjoyable and it’s amazing how we have all acquired the skills and the ability to read the Tarot within a few months”

– Vanessa Lee


“I hereby wish ALL of us a successful career and future with our new found knowledge in seeing the future thru Tarot and Numerology. Thank you, our great Masters for the wonderful journey. It’s now a beginning of a new exciting journey.”

– Victor Lee


“The Tarot Reading Classes are conducted in a very conducive environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and to share any difficulties which they may have faced. The Tarot teachers are ever ready to answer questions that the students may have and are eager to impart their knowledge. After attending the Tarot Reading Class, I went on to sign up for the Numerology Course as I had confidence in the teachers and that the Numerology Course would be beneficial to my newly acquired Tarot Reading skills and my everyday life. I would not hesitate to enroll myself in other courses conducted by the School as I had a good and enjoyable learning experience.”

– Lin Li


“I enjoy Renaye’s Tarot classes as she keeps it fun and lighthearted and gets everyone involved in learning activities. She has years of experiences in the Tarot arena and teaches ways of using it for options, confirmation, answers and ways forward. Thanks Renaye! ” 

– Stephanie Goh


“Enjoyed myself a lot attending the course & I learnt a lot about tarot card readings. A very fruitful course indeed.”

– Tan Pui Sin


The knowledge I acquire from this class is definitely helpful in my life & course of career. It was a very good experience doing the case study. Thank you for the tremendous sharing, Renaye & Paul!

– Eileen Koh


It’s definitely a money-worth course. In fact, it far over exceed the money worth. Its packed with fruitful contents & delivered in a fun, interactive & warm manner by Renaye & Paul. Highly enjoyable & customized.

– Lim Siew Hoon



– Student from Beijing China  李延旭


I have always been interested in Tarot readings and had always wanted to be able to do readings on my own and to understand more about it. I attended the Basic Tarot Card Reading with Ms Renaye Chan in 2010. Renaye not only de-mystified the art of Tarot for me, she had also helped me make sense of the story behind each card and what the cards mean in a reading.

What that has set me at ease in particular is her reassurance that Tarot is more about our own subconscious at work than spiritual. Her passion in the art of Tarot is very inspiring indeed. I will definitely make time to attend the advanced classes on Tarot soon.  

–  Maggie AU

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