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Astro-Numerology Foundation Online Course
Become a Professional Numerologist (Personality Profiling)
Sep 14, 2022, 8:00 PM GMT+8 – Oct 22, 2022, 9:30 PM GMT+8
Online via Zoom

Course Description:


Eminent ancient Chinese military strategist, Sun Zi, wrote in his book, 孙子兵法 The Art of War, “知彼知己者,百战不殆”; i.e., “He who has a thorough knowledge of his opponent(s) and of himself is bound to win in all battles.”


This principle remains fundamentally true, relevant and important to all our very much needed successes in today’s competitive environment.


Everything in the world is dependent upon the properties of numbers. The properties of numbers have been studied and researched over thousands of years, allowing us to build a rich database based on the psychological, statistical and mathematical science behind numbers. These properties come from the numbers' inherent vibrations.


Each number has a unique vibration, giving it certain properties whether it is from one’s birth date or birth given name. These properties can shed light onto a person's behaviour or of the behaviour of those around them. 


Such analysis can even determine a person's behavioural styles, compatibility of potential partners, likely issues on health, wealth and career tendencies. Recurring numbers can offer clues about the significance of people and events.


Course Objectives


The primary objective of this basic 6 lessons course is to equip participants with the knowledge about numbers and numerical vibrations, to acquire the basic skills of computing one’s numerical orientation, to understand personalities and how names and birth dates can influence a person’s characteristics and potential accomplishments in life.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to


1. Develop good insights on one’s affinity, strengths and weaknesses

2. Determine one’s own capabilities and actions that should be taken to maximise one’s potential

3. Understand oneself and how being viewed by others

4. Discover one’s perceived purposes in life

5. Make quick assessments on the characters and abilities of others.

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