The Wonders of Blue Amber!

Amber as a stone has been prized by many, especially among royalty and the science community, for many centuries.

Born from tree sap, then petrified by nature, these golden nuggets of beauty are like liquid honey frozen into a timeless capsule of wonder.

Why is Amber so prized? These gems are made anywhere from 30-300 millions years ago, and so represents a true time capsule to prehistoric living. Indeed, Amber with inclusions such as plant or animal life forms within are considered the most valuable, both to collectors and to scientists, as they give a perfect look into those ancient ages.

Someone once describe Amber as a stone that, “stimulates the soul, enchants the eyes, and warms the heart.” And this is indeed true. When you gaze at a piece of Amber, you will no doubt feel its gentle but potent energy.

So what if we told you we had something even better?

Image: Alchemy Consultancy Services.

Blue Amber is usually found in the mountain ranges around Santiago, Dominican Republic, and is one of the rarest amber in the world. Although the Baltic Amber is constantly cited as being the most premium, the Blue Amber is an uncommon oddity in the amber world that is also often prized.

This amber is sought after for its unusual blue hue, that bursts forth when seen under black light or ultraviolet (UV) light. By shining the light on one of these pieces, you will witness a fluorescent blue tone that will launch you from the earth to space.

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What once was a deep grounded orange becomes a milky-blue, that reflects the space mist or nebulae that form in the cosmos. This effect is truly astounding, and makes many collectors excited to find the hidden universe within each piece.

Many have guessed at this rare natural phenomena, and most point to an unusual forest fire that might have occurred, but some folks have even attributed this stone to the fabled Atlantis! With its mysterious tones and energetic attributes, it’s not hard to understand why.

With the Blue Amber, the benefits of having a piece include clearing of the mind, and developing intellectual abilities. This might have been why it was a stone often worn by royalty and advisers! In our times, it’s a perfect stone for researchers, designers, artists and even spiritual leaders. It’s safe to say, even if you’re not of the above, that the Blue Amber’s mind stimulating properties can hone it to success in any field.

Other benefits the stone is known for are its influence on healing, specifically in emotional stress and trauma. When not in those states, the gem also keeps us balanced and calm.