Crystal Eggs - the Why and How

Easter is upon us!

Past the religious celebrations, there’s also plenty of bunnies and eggs featured for this holiday. From chocolates to cookies, the abundant energy of the rabbit and the life-giving eggs have become a mainstay for this season.

But some of you might have noticed the egg shapes are popular during your crystal shopping as well. That’s right - Feng Shui has also been leveraging on this shape to impart beneficial energies this whole time as well.

So why are they so popular in Feng Shui?

Notice how eggs have a circular side and more pointed end? Turns out it’s the perfect symbol for the Metal element.

The round section represents clarity, focus and brings a organised air to the space. It is also harvesting positive energies in a space, after which t transfers it to the more pointed end to distribute gently.

This is both filter and collector, pulling in positive influences and clarifying them once again to be distributed into the surroundings.

This encourages Qi (energy) flow, which is what Feng Shui is fundamentally about.

The Chinese have also favoured egg shapes because they symbolise fertility, abundance, and new life.

Coincidentally, the Metal element is also often activated for pregnancy - a double boost!

It also adds benefactors at work, something which we can always use.

So why are crystals made into Eggs?

We all know that crystals have associated properties, and the egg shape is one of the best shapes to form them into because it’s less aggressive than the other forms.

Unlike the pyramid, the egg-shape is gentler and so often preferred. By imparting this sort of distribution, the effects are still felt but less forceful.