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5 Elements & The Meaning of Your Body Shape

Everyone has a certain element that governs their body type and shape. There are several ways to determine which of the 5 Feng Shui body types you belong to.

This can be done through general Ba Zi (8 elements) calculation or looking at your day pillar (Eg. If your day pillar is Wood Element, and you are born during Spring Time, and in the early wee hours, your Wood Element will be super strong and prominent).

Once you have determined your Feng Shui body type, you can better understand the needs of your body, what to look out for and what health methods would suit you best.

Earth Element

People born under the Earth Element tend to have stout bodies and be of a shorter height. They have strong features such as a rounded face or meaty forehead. Men under this element may have stocky or muscled builds while women tend to have curvier, pear shaped bodies. They often have shorter fingers and bonier, but bigger, hip bones. Earth body types tend to have slower or heavier steps.

Earth body types are often polite, loyal, dependable and compassionate. They dislike getting into conflicts with people and can be helpful and kind. However, they can also be stubborn, overly cautious or resistant to change. As earth governs the muscles, spleen and stomach, it is important that they keep a good diet and get plenty of rest. Replace sweets with root vegetables and avoid overeating as earth types can easily gain weight and suffer weight related illnesses.

As the name suggests, earth body types will do well spending time outdoors in nature to relax and recharge. They can receive the healing energies from Mother Earth. Avoid damp or rainy environments as you are more likely to get sick.


Metal Element

People born under the Metal Element tend to have slim bodies with broad shoulders. They have well defined and thin facial features such as a square or rectangular face or thin lips. Most Metal body types tend to have paler complexions and be considered attractive-looking. They tend to have small hands and may have more excess body hair. Metal body types tend to have a more lively and graceful walk.

Metal body types are often conservative, hardworking and make good debaters. They possess good leadership skills and enjoy having solid structures to follow. However, they can have difficulty in sharing their thoughts and feelings and forming close relationships. As metal governs the lungs, skin and large intestine, they should avoid heaty or mucus forming foods such as spices or dairy.

Metal body types should also avoid smoking. Air ionizers may be a good investment as they are susceptible to asthma and colds. Breathing exercises and meditation will also prove useful in helping keep their heads clear and their body relaxed. Avoid dry and hot environment as they will irritate your lungs and skin the most.

Wood Element

People born under the Wood Element tend to have slender tall bodies with long limbs. They may appear even appear bony and have features such as a high forehead or high cheekbones. They often have straight backs and are often born slim, but may need effort to maintain their weight. Wood body types often march or lumber noisily with their walk.

Wood body types often quite lively, prefer to be hands on, adventurous and are usually open to taking some risks. They are generally honest and straightforward with their opinions. However, they can also be blunt, controlling or impatient. As wood governs the liver and gallbladder, they should eat food that nourishes these organs such as eggs or ginger.

Wood body types should avoid processed and fatty foods as they can suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol. Their health can greatly affect their career and mood so sports such as yoga or Tai Chi can help keep their moods up and bodies active and healthy. Avoid cold or windy environments as you may be more prone to falling ill in them.

Fire Element

People born under the Fire Element tend to be more plumb and curvaceous. They may have pointed features such as a narrow forehead and small hands or feet. They often have thicker eyebrows and tend to exude a sexy charm. They may have strong bodies with broad backs and some have a reddish complexion. Fire body types tend to walk quickly and lightly as if they are rushing.

Fire body types are highly intelligent, energetic and charismatic. They tend to talk fast and go where the blows. However, they get bored easily and can also be very prideful. Thus, they tend to look down on others or make promises they can’t keep. As fire governs the heart and small intestine, they should avoid stress and increase cardio exercises.

Depending on lifestyle and work, their body shape can be change accordingly. They also need to take note of hair loss, poor calcium and skin issues such as acne. ‘Cooling’ foods such as ginseng or bitter dark leafy greens are encouraged. Avoid fatty or overly spicy foods. Avoid hot or blistery environments as you can be prone to overheating.

Water Element

People born under the Water Element tend to have thicker and fleshier builds. They tend to have softer, rounder and fuller features such as big eyes and broad hips. They often have youthful features and thick head or facial hair. They have a tendency to get plump. Eye bags show up more obviously for them. Water body types tend to walk slowly and even drag their feet.

Water body types are intuitive, artistic and easy going. They possess a quiet intelligence and may prefer to work on their own versus in a group. They enjoy remaining mysterious and seeking knowledge. However, they can be too fearful, timid or indecisive. As water governs the kidney and bladder, they should be careful about staying hydrated and maintain good toilet habits.

Water body types should be careful about water retention and urinary diseases. They may also experience arthritis or backaches. It is important they keep warm and eat foods that boost kidney functions such as red dates. Exercise such as jogging is also encouraged. Avoid cold or humid environments as you are prone to water related diseases.

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