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If you’ve ever encountered people calculating differently in a numerology session, you’re not dreaming. The popular method is not comprised of only one system, and has actually 3 different lineages that can affect the way one approaches calculation.

Curious? We’ve sorted them out over here:


Named because it was developed by the Greek scientist Pythagoras, this is the most common and popular form of numerology. It is also one of the simplest to master, as it makes use of the modern Western number and alphabetical system.

Formulas are fairly easy to remember, going with numbers 1 to 9, and this method takes in the full name, converting alphabets to numbers, to most often obtain a Destiny number.


This form comes from ancient Babylon, and is also the oldest method. It is named after the first group of practitioners and is often considered the toughest to master. The difficulty, though, contributes to its more in-depth investigation, especially from your birth date.

Chaldean numerology only uses numbers 1 to 8, and goes with the name you most often are known by, as opposed to your birth name.


With its basis derived from the Kabbalah, designed from the Hebrew alphabet, this system has Jewish roots, and believes that every number and alphabet holds a secret meaning. ’Kabbalah’ after all, means ‘internal and spiritual knowledge’.

This method uses only a person’s given name, and works this out with a set of 22 alphabets and 400 numbers. This is the most complex system of the three, but can also give deeper advice for progression and growth.

So if you’re curious about these ancient methods, and would like to try it for yourself, here’s what you can expect at a consultation with us at Alchemy Consultancy Services.

Step 1: For every new client, we only require their birth name and date of birth.

Step 2: We will extract 3 - 10 numbers from the name and another 10 from the birth date.

Step 3: We also examine the current name used (if different) and see the effects of it against their birth date.

Step 4: If there are any negative influences, we apply possible suggestions, such as tweaking name cards or email signatures to minimise the impact, especially when a legal name change may be a hassle. We customise this to each client’s capabilities, with enough to improve situations.

Step 5: We examine core numbers of the individual, revealing personality traits, behaviour both active and passive, their motivations and desires, suitable careers and options, along with their life goal and purpose.

Step 6: We then zoom into the specific year ahead to highlight areas of opportunities as well as obstacles. Auspicious colours can be given at this point.

Step 7: We finish with an open session for specific queries from the client after the assessment, and apply any final solutions to their concerns.

Intrigued? We’re happy to see you at our offices.

To book, visit our website at, or call and text us at 93660272 (SMS/Whatsapp/WeChat).

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