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3 Easy Tips to Improve the FENGSHUI In Your Home


When we think of Feng Shui, we think about major remodelling and structural adjustments. But this need not be the case. Feng Shui is an ancient practice for improving a space on the energetic level. This knowledge has passed down over thousands of years and different approaches has evolved over the course of time to suit our lifestyle.

Feng Shui can also be found in small placement of plants, crystals, furniture or colour adjustments. From placing an object in a corner, to adjusting the direction of your seat, major change can still come about, and like the old saying goes - every bit helps.

We understand the design priority that many place on their homes, and so we wouldn’t want to destroy aesthetics for functionality. We speak to our associate consultant Ser Ming on how to easily and quickly improve the Feng Shui situation in your environment

Main Entrance

The first area that you will walk into is the entrance to your house. It represents the impression you give others and so it’s of utmost importance that you represent yourself well, just as you would with clothes. A lesser known fact, is that It can also represent how others will speak of you. It’s no surprise then that you should keep your main entrance area clean, neat and tidy.

If you have shoes and other footwear lying around in heaps, it is time to place them neatly on a well-ventilated shoe rack. Shift this entire stack to the side of the main entrance and not let it obstruct movement because that will represent a stumbling block.


Your bedroom matters because you spend much of your resting time in it. As such, comfort and restfulness are key priorities you should attend to in this space.

The wall colour in your bedroom should be warm in tone but not overly bright. Choosing a perky bright colour can be too visually stimulating for a good rest. But don’t go to the other extreme and choose a dull colour too as it can transfer a sense of discouragement and make you feel lifeless. If you’ve been experiencing bad sleep, maybe try this change!


The kitchen represents the health of the occupants, as can be evidenced by all that food we cook and consume!

The most important thing to do for this space is to keep sharp objects like knives out of sight. This removal clears the room of the image of aggression, which aids in reducing verbal conflict. It’s a handy tip to aid those experiencing constant petty issues in the household.

So there you have it! You can quickly make these changes and reap the positive impact it will bring. For those who are skeptical, why not give it a go and see if it makes a difference?

We hope you have enjoyed these tips from Ser Ming! If you enjoyed his advice and are looking for a more extensive change, do contact us for a Feng Shui audit from him.

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