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3 Easy Tips to Improve the FENGSHUI In Your Office


Even if you’re not a workaholic, we can all agree we spend most of our working hours at the office. So of course, good Feng Shui at the office can have a major impact on your life, health and wealth, just like your job!

Depending on your work environment, it may not always be easy to implement good energetic principles, but whenever possible, it is good to access your work situation and make tweaks to move things more smoothly or to attract the right kind of attention for career growth.

Our associate consultant Ser Ming returns to give some helpful adjustments that can aid you gain a little boost at your office environment.

Neat and Tidy

Keeping your work station neat and tidy is a good work habit by itself. As a general rule-of-thumb, having tall objects on your left can support you, so have documents that you use often on your left. If the option avails, consider having upright in-out trays and file holders to make them appear taller too. If you have a table that has a desk lamp, it’s good to have that source of illumination on your left as well.

Try shifting these around and enjoy the change!


In our urban setting, having plants can add liveliness and visual refreshment at your concrete work place. They are great for Feng Shui too and we prefer having those with big and lush green leaves.

To keep them really happy, remember to pick those plants that are suitable for indoors and when possible, place them on your left too to reap their benefits.


“As far as I know, other than jade, crystals of other types are not known to be Feng Shui cures traditionally,” Ser Ming shares. However, he understands that crystals are known for having properties in helping us in more subtle energetic matters. He feels it can be a good thing to place crystal to your left on your desk to attract good vibes.

Amethyst is known to provide clarity of mind and this can aid you in making better decisions at work. Black Obsidian is known to shield one from negativity so that is great for victims of gossip and rumors. Citrine is known to enhance confidence and abundance so that’s perfect for improving self-esteem and overall productivity. Green aventurine is known for bringing luck and success so have one to increase your odds in your endeavours. Lastly, Pyrite is known to attract and manifest money so have that and let yourself focus on your work.

As you can see, these tips are easy to apply and can bring some positive change to somewhere you spend most of your day at. Ser Ming can help you apply more of such metaphysical wisdom in a practical way so if you’re keen to have him conduct an audit of your space, come reach out to us today. We hope you have enjoyed these tips!

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