6 Tips to Raising Your Frequencies for Positive Wellness

The world we live in is made of matter, energies, atoms, molecules, etc. We are surrounded by a vast ocean of vibrations and energies.

In fact, our body cells are made up of such things like atoms and particles which vibrates energies.

In a normal healthy body, the human body's mega frequency should vibrate between 62 to 70 MHz. Our cells starts to mutate if the frequency starts to fall below 62 MHz. We start to experience cold and flu, etc when our body frequency hits from 58 and below. Possible cancer cells may appear when our body frequency sinks to 42 MHz.

It is possible to maintain good body energies if we raise our frequencies or energies and there are many ways and means to do so.

I will be sharing 6 simple and easy to use techniques that you use on a daily basis to raise our body vibrations and keep it in good harmony.

Tip 1 - Keep Your Mind Positive & Stay Cheerful

When you feel that your surrounding environment (places, people, etc) is negative, or if you are feeling down or depressed, it is very importantly to keep your mind alert and be aware of what is happening.

By capturing that negative feelings, and telling your Mind to change those emotions to Positive ones and feel Happy is extremely powerful to "change those vibrations". This need a lot of practice and by constantly focusing on something that makes you Smile, Happy or Feel Good, you should be able to elevate your energies to a Higher Frequency

Tip 2 - Focus on your Blessings and Be Grateful

The 2nd tip can be link to the first tip, and this is due to the fact that when you "train" your Mind and Feelings to focus on the wonderful things you have in life, such as the people that supports you, people that loves you, things that you have in life, a healthy body, a loving family, a good job, or even the air that you breathe in, etc.

Feel grateful with the things that you see, have and feel, these will activate the "Law of Attraction" and send you loving Positive Energies from the Universe or your Higher Consciousness.