Astro-Tarot Forecast for March 2020

1 Aries - 21 Mar to 19 Apr Page of Cups


The Page of Cups embarks upon this journey with renewed vigor and energy. And Aries will need lots of it this month. Like the Page of Cups, you must learn to tackle every problem tactically and swiftly. You must be aware of the different relationships that are tied to your work. Like the flow of water, you must adapt your pacing and energy to every situation. While you shouldn’t try to please everyone, try to please as many people as possible with your work this month. You may be under heavy scrutiny, so do not let yourself be too careless. Try not to take too many risks this month and learn to organize both yourself and your subordinates.


The Page of Cups can be very enthusiastic about love, however, they can also be childish and stubborn. You do not want to change your current routine or style. This can make you react strongly against critique or advice even when it comes from people genuinely wanting to help you. Furthermore, work may take up a majority of your attention this month, leaving little time to soothe your relationships. Single Aries may not have time to seek out love. Balance is important in this area as well. Take some time to sort out your priorities and responsibilities before you move forward. Having a proper schedule can save you a lot of stress with loved ones.


While the Page of Cups lends some of its energy to you this month, it’s watery nature can clash with the fire of Aries. As such, you should take more caution when it comes to your health, as it may suffer from lack of sleep or burnout. Stress can also easily weigh down the youthful energy of the Page of Cups. This is why having a set schedule for everything is so important this month. Plan your meals and sleep cycles ahead of time and stick to what is recommended for you by your doctor or other health experts. Good health may take some work this month, but it will be worth it.


It is not a good time to play around too much with your current financial set up or take on new projects. Luckily, you won’t have to do much in order to bring in a steady income and flow of wealth into the house this month. Try not to disrupt it as much as possible. This is also a good time to start gathering information to help you make future investments or start financial projects. Take comfort in knowing that you will also find a lot of support this month, through your business partners, friends and family. Enjoy this time of stability and slowly start making your plans for the future.

Lucky Dates: 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th

Lucky Color: Bright Blue

2 Taurus - 20 Apr to 20 May IV The Emperor


At first it feels like nothing has changed after February but rest assured that things will slowly start to get better. Continue to be patient, your time to shine will slowly come. Many Taurians may feel an urge to jumpstart things ahead of time, however, they must ensure that the timing is right for them to do so. Wait until things are back on track without delays and when you have more support from your colleagues or family. When you feel this change, act swiftly and decisively. Your ideas and plans will flourish if you can seize the opportunity quickly like The Emperor. Things are slowly starting to turn in your favor. So always be on your toes for when the spotlight falls on you.


Like the Emperor, Taurus feels as if they are finally in charge and in control of their love l