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Astro-Tarot Forecast for November 2020

1 Aries - 21 Mar to 19 Apr

Nine of Cups


The Full moon enters Aries’ 2nd house of work and income at the end of last month. It’s presence calls for Aries to pay more attention to their work and more importantly, the organization within their career.

Last month, you were all for butting heads and fighting to get what you want, but the Nine of Cups combined with the gentler energy of the moon calls for you to adopt a more friendly and diplomatic stance with others.

This may not be easy at first as if can be difficult to win opponents over to your side. Focus on the bigger picture and the benefits of compromise; do not let yourself be swayed from this path this month.


Venus replaces the New Moon in your 7th house of relationship and marriage late last month. Along with the friendly and nurturing nature of the Nine of Cups, the advice to Aries this month is to be more open and willing to listen to your loved one’s point of view. Avoid letting your own temper or prejudices get the better of you.

Welcome your loved ones with an open mind instead of an overly emotional heart. Venus tugs at your emotions this month when it comes to relationships, but you must learn to be more nurturing and open to compromise to ensure that this is a fulfilling month for both you and your loved ones.


Last month’s energy still follows you this month. You may still be recovering from the burnout or stress that last month burdened you with. Consider this a period of fragility for both your mental and physical health. You need to be careful during this time as you slowly regain your strength and stamina, as you can easily fall prey to illnesses or further burnout if you push yourself too far.

Rest is important, however, ensure you keep a clean and proper diet as well to avoid yourself lowering your energy levels any further. Keep this in mind and you will be able to make it through this month while maintaining your health.


As before, the Full Moon is in Aries’ 2nd house of work and income. You may find yourself paying more attention to your financial situation this month. There is a high chance you will consider reorganizing your finances or resources in order to maximize your income. You may find that your financial projects all require a more hands on approach this month.

That being said, overall, your finances look fairly normal this month. There are unlikely to be any big changes or losses, however, you should still remain vigilant in order to weed out any sinkholes before they appear.

Lucky Dates: 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd

Lucky Color: Sky Blue

2 Taurus - 20 Apr to 20 May

The Devil


This month carries over some of the stressful energy from last month. With the Full Moon entering Taurian’s first house of self and attitude. Combined with the paranoid energy of the Devil, this is a complex and tricky month.

You are blessed with more self-awareness regarding your situation this month, however, the issue is only visible in the short-term. Further problems, obstacles or issues may crop up in future out of the blue.

While you do not know exactly what is in store, you now have the advantage of being able to prepare in advance. Always ensure you have a backup plan and that your projects doesn’t rely on too many things that could go wrong.


Mercury is in your 7th house of relationships and marriage. Taurians may be compelled to reexamine their love life and relationships. Combined with the energy of the Devil, this may be fortunate as this is a time where complex issues or disagreements may occur in your household.

Most issues may be between family members. You may find yourself indirectly involved as they may require your judgement or critique. Ensure you do not let yourself get too emotionally involved with the conflicts of others. The insight your provide to others can be invaluable to them though, so do not shoot down their attempts to ask for your aid.


The energy of The Devil puts a bit of a damper on Taurian’s energy this month. You are not at the peak of your physical health. The advice from last month continues to hold true this month, especially with all the complex issues that you have to face in both your work and personal life.

Continue to safeguard your health by taking appropriate breaks and allowing yourself to recover both mentally and physically from daunting tasks. Do not overestimate your abilities and learn to rely on the support of others in order to make sure you do not burn yourself out completely in November.


The complications in your work life, combined with the lowering energy of The Devil card, makes your finances as equally complex this month. Due to delays, unforeseen obstacles or issues that can only be solved financially, you may find yourself at risk of increase expenses this month. This may even cause you to dip into negative financial territory.

Aid yourself by preparing bigger budgets in advance of this month. Account for everything that can potentially go wrong and ensure that you have a financially viable back up plan. While you may still experience some loss this month, you can help to lessen the burden on yourself.

Lucky Dates: 10th, 11th, 23rd, 24th

Lucky Color: Emerald Green

3 Gemini - 21 May to 20 Jun

Queen of Wands


Last month’s Mercury’s retrograde leaves behind some lingering issues that you will have to continue to tackle this month. The Queen of Wands advises you to step forward confidently as both a leader and a role model to others.

People who admire you will naturally follow your lead and will prove to be invaluable resources in helping you work through issues or obstacles. However, ensure that you have the final look over any solution as you have to ensure that it is airtight.

Take things one at a time and do not attempt to bulldoze over your problems at one go. Take things slow and steady this month, but walk with confidence and understanding.


Venus enters your 5th house of love and romance this month. Combined with the fiery and passionate energy of the Queen of wands, you should be cautious as there may be a lot of drama in your personal life. Last month’s issues may take on a whole new life, as disagreements become more heated or problems become more personal. As always, you must be the one to take charge to resolve any misunderstandings.

However, you should be careful not to get too caught up in an issue that isn’t your own. It is unlikely that things will work out completely this month, but keep your chin up and remain optimistic.


Mercury makes it’s way into your 6th house of health and fitness. You are more thoughtful in regards to your health; both physical and mental. Be cautious as you can easily overthink your weakness and believe you are in a worse position than you actually are.

While it pays to schedule a doctor’s check up or take steps to improve or safeguard your health this month, be cautious not to overstep into paranoia. Otherwise, this is a good month to start from scratch and began looking out more for your health and habits.


The boost in your work life will favor your financials this month. With the Queen of Wands in your corner, there is little to worry about when it comes to your income or financial stability this month.

Things will improve as long as you keep an optimistic outlook and are willing to work with others to ensure that you make the most of your resources. Take a breath and relax when it comes to this area of your life this month. Work towards saving most of your good fortune for rainy days.

Lucky Dates: 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th

Lucky Color: Lucky Red

4 Cancer - 21 Jun to 22 Jul

Two of Cups


The Two of Cups is a card that emphasizes the relationships that you have built and surrounded yourself with this month. Coupled with the energy of the Full Moon in your 11nd house of friendships and society, you may find yourself more sensitive to those around you.

There is a high chance you will face both negative disagreements and misunderstandings from your colleagues, but also positive reinforcement of networking relationships or support from those around you.

You must learn to differentiate between who is genuinely trying to help you and who is simply an obstacle in your way. This is an important skill not only for this month, but also for business in general.


Mercury was kicked out of your 5th house of romance and love around the middle of last month, however, it makes a return on the 11th of November. The Two of Cups signals that much of your issues will resolve around your home life or established relationships. In the first half of the month, more arguments and misunderstandings may crop up.

Try to avoid aggravating issues until the latter half of the month where it is easier to address them and understand both side of an argument. Things pick up in the latter half, the household will be more harmonious and couples will have many opportunities to strengthen their bond with one another.


As things start to settle and relationships began to become more harmonious, so does your health begin to improve this month. There is little you have to worry about and you should regard this period as a blessing upon you. Strive to take advantage of this time by working on your fitness goals, travelling with loved ones or taking trips around your local area that you’d normally be unable to take.

So kick back and relax from last month’s stressful period. Strive to continue with any healthy habits you have formed in order to prolong this period of good health for as long as possible.


Finances are the only area in your life that takes a bit of a dip this month. While your work improves in terms of networking and partnerships. You may find yourself floundering a bit in the beginning half of the month as you work to get all your bearings and clear up arguments or misunderstandings.

Obstacles, while small, may take a long time to resolves and result in you having to spend more than you previous anticipated. As such, your income may take a bit of a backseat this month. Prepare yourself for these rainy days and you should be alright.

Lucky Dates: 14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th

Lucky Color: Light Blue

5 Leo - 23 Jul to 22 Aug Two of Swords


A Full Moon enters your 10th house of career and long-term goals. Combined with the energy of the Two of Swords, this month is one where it is difficult for you to be fully aware of your surroundings.

Your judgement may be partially clouded by your own emotions or fears regarding the future. November is a chaotic month and while you can never fully avoid all the obstacles it will throw at you, you can help make it easier on yourself by preparing.

Don’t be afraid to sit down and research your situation or take a step back to look at the bigger picture. Do not let yourself become overwhelmed, a solution can be found if you stick to your logic.


Venus is in your 3rd house of communication and social activity. The 3rd house is also concerned with siblings and family. As such, there will be more emphasis on family issues this month. There are both positive and negative aspects to this. On one hand, it is easier for you to strength the current bonds you have with your loved ones, however, distant relative relationships may be strained.

The Two of Swords advises you to take things slowly. There is no need to rush to fix any issues, instead take things one at a time and observe how they play out. You will have more resources and a better understanding of what to do if you take that time out.


Leos continue to focus their efforts mainly on their home and household. You feel the most comfortable when you are surrounded by your loved ones. While your health has improved somewhat from last month, you are still not back up to your usual peak.

When you are out of the home, most of your thoughts are still on your household life, which can lead to distractions and carelessness in your day to day life. Always focus on the task at hand and take precautions. Do not worry, this period will soon pass.


Like the Two of Swords, your finances rest somewhere in a middling energy this month. There is nothing major in the cards; both in terms of windfalls or losses. Especially with the Full Moon in your 10th house, things are not necessarily predictable, but you will find support from those around you.

It is unlikely you will face any harsh losses, but also unlikely that your windfalls will come this month. Be patient, work on solidifying your current career path and money will naturally flow in over time.

Lucky Dates: 16th, 17th, 25th, 26th

Lucky Color: Plain White

6 Virgo - 23 Aug to 22 Sept

The Lovers


Venus is in your 2nd house of money and work this month. The Lovers is a card all about choices. Combined together, much of your career relies on the people around you and the relationships or projects you obtain in negotiations or meetings. Most of debates will likely swing in your favor this month.

You are better at wining people over to your point of view or playing mediator when it comes to issues between colleagues. However, avoid being underhanded or blackmailing others to get your way. Use diplomacy and your logical wit to help sway people over to your side. It will pay off well for you this month.


Mercury makes another trip back into your 3rd house of communication and social interaction. It’s energy influenced you early last month and now returns to influence you again. As such, the issues from last month will continue to simmer into November. Combined with the lovers, these issues began to come to a head this month as you start to make your final decisions.

While new obstacles may arise or the issues may be different, the solution is once more the same. Focus on maintain harmonious relationships with those around you. Work with your loved ones together to solve your issues and do not force yourself or others into situations that are uncomfortable for the both of you.


When it comes to your health, you may notice a remarkable improvement from last month. For one, you are feeling more energized as the other areas of your life also start to slowly improve this month.

However, be cautious as you may feel a sudden surge of confidence from this that can make you careless or overconfident in your own ability. Stick to your regular habits. It’s okay to push yourself slightly past your limits this month, but avoid going too far. Take a lesson from last month and keep your health as your top priority even as you enjoy it.


Virgos may be feeling generous with their finances this month, with Venus in their 2nd house of money and income. Combined with the more relationship focused energy of The Lovers, Virgos will be more focused on taking care of expenses for the household.

While there is nothing wrong with being kind, you may find yourself stepping into a place where you are overspending on others. These expenses should not be too serious, but they can affect your overall income. Feel free to spend on your loved ones, but ensure you always budget and make sure you have enough to care for yourself and your necessary expenses.

Lucky Dates: 14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th

Lucky Color: Wine Red

7 Libra - 23 Sept to 22 Oct

Ten of Swords


Venus entered Libra’s 1st house of self and attitude late last month and continues to influence you deep into this month. Combined with the enduring energy of the Ten of Swords, November may prove to be a bit of a stressful month when it comes to your career.

Your focus seems to be placed elsewhere, making it harder to concentrate on the issues and arguments that may crop up in November. Avoid letting yourself get pulled into petty drama.

This is the final hurdle in your journey towards success, so hunker down and get yourself through this period. Do not invest too much into new projects during this period unless you are truly ready to fight for them to prosper.


As before, Venus is in your 1st house of self and attitude. Your household and your loved ones are where you want to spend most of your energy. However, take the heed of the Ten of Swords that this won’t be the easiest time at home. Many other signs may be having a difficult time, causing clashes to happen often with you and your loved ones.

It is important that you prioritize your own wellbeing as your desire to care for others can lead to you being pushed around. Caring for others is a wonderful trait to have, but you must remember that you cannot let yourself be walked over. Take things one at a time and do not rush for solutions.


The Ten of Swords has put a bit of a damper on your spirits this month. Continuing from last month, you may feel that you are not quite ready to tackle big issues or obstacles given your health. While you are not as stretched thin as you were last month, you still feel relatively drained. This exhaustion can result in stagnancy.

You should attempt to avoid this. Keep up with regular exercise and ensure you do not oversleep. Focus on maintaining your health with easy exercises and regularly get fresh air.


Mercury swings back into your 2nd house of income and money from the 10th of this month onwards. Bringing you luck this month. You are likely to experience some windfalls this month and generally, have little to worry about when it comes to your finances.

Expense will not increase by much, however, may still crop up unexpectedly. Ensure that you have a budget in place to take care of it. Otherwise, you should face little trouble when it comes to your finances. Enjoy this month and breathe easier for it.

Lucky Dates: 8th, 9th, 16th, 17th

Lucky Color: Light Grey

8 Scorpio - 23 Oct to 21 Nov

Ten of Pentacles


Mercury has once more reentered your 1st house of self and attitude from the 10th of this month onwards. Combined with the jovial energy of the Ten of Pentacles, November promises to be a month where a lot of progress will be steadily made.

At the helm of all this progress is off course the intelligent Scorpio. Remember to take your problems one at a time. Do not attempt to rush to any solution this month as this will likely only create more problems in the long run.

Instead work towards ensuring that all factors of your career or organization and functioning properly and in harmony with one another.


The Full Moon is in your 7th house of relationships and marriage. Scorpios are more aware about their household atmosphere and will work towards maintaining harmony within the family. The Ten of Pentacles encourages you to enjoy time with your loved ones and family.

This is a good time to sort out any issues that have been bothering you in the past months, as it is more likely that you and your partner will be on the same page this month. Scorpios in long distance relationships may begin to feel lonely. Scheduling some time together this month will help to lessen that feeling and maintain strong relationships. Enjoy this month of love and harmony.


Venus enters into your 12th house of spirituality and the subconscious. You are feeling a deep sense of contentment or better understanding of those around you. Simply put, you feel more at peace with your surroundings. Your health naturally improves this month, eager for you to continue to explore this newfound insight and understanding within yourself.

However, be careful not to give into too much to your heart. Remember a healthy mind is nothing without a healthy body. So take care of your body and try not to take any risks this month. Follow these steps and November will be a month to remember.


As your career slowly begins to improve and progress, so do your finances. Your wealth is likely tied to your income, so as long as you ensure you keep to the path that you have set for yourself in your career, it is unlikely you will have to worry about your financial status. It is unlikely you will face many if any losses this month.

Most of your income will also be favorable and predictable. As always, when you experience good luck, ensure you save some of that fortune up for a rainy day. Play smart and you will be able to keep your fortunes for longer.

Lucky Dates: 14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th

Lucky Color: Gold

9 Sagittarius - 22 Nov to 21 Dec Ten of Cups


Venus enters your 11th house of friendship and socialness. Combined with the Ten of Cups’ emphasis on harmonious relationships, Sagittarians can look to rely on the support, encouragement or aid of others in order to make progress this month.

It is important you build on your social network and work to improve your image and status amongst others. Learn to be diplomatic, but also be subtle when you are persuading others. Venus emphasizes building relationships naturally and through trust and a solid foundation.

Avoid being overly aggressive in building your network, instead seize these opportunities as they come. Do not get too caught up in the rat race either, instead look for meaningful partnerships at work.


Things are a bit more complicated when it comes to your love life. You are more focused on your social life outside of the household. Sagittarians in relationships may find themselves running into more conflicts or issues within their relationships.

Single Sagittarians may still face obstacles concerning their relatives or family members. Luckily, for as much resistance or conflict you face, there will be an equal amount of support that comes through to aid you through any uneasy periods. Overall, you must learn to navigate through the difficulties of this month without letting your emotions overtake your head too much.


A full moon is in your 6th house of health and fitness for most of this month. Things are a bit hazy when it comes to your health. Now is a good time to schedule a doctor’s visit in order to assess your health and know what you may be at risk of.

Sagittarians may also find themselves falling ill this month due to exhaustion or stress from other areas of your life. Take it easy this month. Make sure you have plenty of sleep and try not to overlook any symptoms of falling ill. It helps to catch any signs early so that you can take the appropriate preventative measures to stop it from worsening. Be cautious this month and take care of yourself.


Sagittarians can breathe a bit easier when it comes to their wealth and finances. The Ten of Cups blesses you with good fortunes in November. You may once more receive support from friends or business partners; either as support or financial aid. Some of the fruits of your labor may also pay out this month.

You can sit back and enjoy your wealth in November. There may be some expenses related to your family and household, but it is unlikely they will cause any big dent in your wallet this month. All the same, ensure you take care of them quickly so they do not pose problems in future.

Lucky Dates: 14th, 15th, 27th, 28th

Lucky Color: Pale Yellow

10 Capricorn - 22 Dec to 19 Jan

Knight of Wands


Venus made it’s way into your 10th house of career and status late last month and continues to influence you deep into this month. Combined with the ambitious nature of the Knight of Wands and Capricorn’s own natural business orientated mindset, this month promises to be a successful one in terms of career.

You are beginning to turn things around from what they were last month. The solutions to any issues you have been facing will begin to become clear, while your partnerships and colleague relationships look to slowly improve. Give yourself a pat on the back, this is the fruits of your hard work and effort. Keep it up.


Mercury is in your 11th house of friendship and socialness from the 10th of this month onwards. You have a newfound perspective on your relationships and it can frustrate you that currently, things are not how you want them to be. You are unsure on how to go about fixing these issues or even conveying your feelings to your family members.

This can lead to conflicts or arguments. The Knight of Wands advises that you remain positive. Think outside of the box if you have exhausted all other options. Most importantly, maintain joyful and fun relationships with your loved ones. Come the end of the month, that will be the thing you’ll be proudest of.


The Knight of Wands blesses you with it’s fiery and high energy nature. You are more than ready to shoulder whatever the world wants to throw at you. More than that, you are raring to go and start achieving your goals. There is little that you actually have to worry about this month in regards to your health.

All the same, avoid being reckless or taking on too many risks just because you feel confident. Most of your energy will also come from surrounding yourself with people who can share in your ambitious nature. Introverted Capricorns should consider socializing more for sake of their health.


As your work starts to steadily progress, your finances are likely to stabilize and become more predictable. There is a chance you could have a small windfall, but you should not hold your breath for it.

Instead, enjoy your stability and focus on ensuring you stay on top by having an appropriate budget for your expenses. Some extra personal costs may crop up this month, but it is unlikely this will heavily affect you. Enjoy this period, you have thoroughly earned it.

Lucky Dates: 18th, 19th, 28th, 29th

Lucky Color: Fiery Red

11 Aquarius - 20 Jan to 18 Feb

Four of Swords


Late last month, Mercury once more makes it’s way into your 10th house of career and status after having left it briefly. The Four of Swords is a contemplative and meditative card. Learn to take your problems one at a time.

You are slowly unwinding the knot that had tied itself over the door to your success. Things progress slowly, but rest assured that they are progressing all the same. You may be frustrated by how long it takes for you to actually see clear results, but be patient.

Things are slowly improving, just keeping doing what you are doing and soon you will see the results of your perseverance and hard work.


The Four of Swords is a very work focused card for the most part. You are more concerned with the career side of your life than you are with household matters. Relationships take a lower priority to you this month, however, this attitude can cause certain problems for you. Aquarians in new relationships may choose to put these relations on hold for the time being while they focus on other areas of their life.

Attached Aquarians may face more conflicts or arguments with their loved ones. There is a distance between you and your household which can be hard to overcome. Trust your gut instinct, but strive to maintain a harmony with those you want to keep in your life.


Despite all other areas of your life, you feel healthy and ready to take on what life has to throw at you. The obstacles you face will only fire you up more. Take solace in knowing that your physical and mental health is good this month. Take advantage of this energy by using it focus on the other areas of your life that requires your attention.

Keep up any good habits you may have formed last month. They may not be very impactful now during your period of good health, but they can help ensure that you maintain this good fortune for as long as possible.


The stars this month promise that this month you will continue to be spared from any serious hardships when it comes to your finances. Overall, the financial situation is predictable and steady for you. There is a chance you may encounter several small windfalls this month as well, so keep an eye out for any opportunities to help cultivate or grow your wealth.

Be careful not to be too much of a spend thrift, remember it helps to always keep aside something for a rainy day. As it can be hard to predict exactly what the future has in store for you. All the same, enjoy this month’s good fortunes.

Lucky Dates: 9th, 10th,23rd, 24th

Lucky Color: Light Purple

12 Pisces - 19 Feb to 20 Mar

Five of Pentacles


The Full Moon is in your 3rd house of the mind and communication.

Combined with the work focused nature of the Five of Pentacles, Pisces may feel as if they are running into a wall every time they try to make progress at work. It is easy to feel frustrated or stressed out this month, however, this period of hardship may actually be a blessing in disguise.

Your most pressing problems are finally presenting themselves to you now. This is your time to solve them. However, do not expect to solve them immediately. You must be patient and work through things slowly. Things will eventually start swinging your way.


Venus is in your 8th house of intimacy and shared finances. Given the Five of Pentacles, this may be a serious point of contention in your relationship. Arguments regarding shared finances may cause serious rifts between attached Pisces and their partners.

It is a good idea to step back before things become too heated. It may be a good idea to have a third party mediator as well when you are sorting out joint finances or issues. The situation will cool down closer to the end of the month. Try your best to soothe over any tensions until then.


Pisces are blessed with remarkably good health this month. In order to tackle the obstacles presented to you in November, you are fortunate with your physical state. Take advantage of your good health and set out to tackle any obstacle that may present itself in your path.

Avoid the temptation to turn to unhealthy foods or drink to vent out your stress. Find other outlets like meditation. Stress will be your biggest enemy as while you are healthy physically, you can still be prone to carelessness or recklessness. Help yourself avoid becoming a victim to your own mistakes.


The Five of Pentacles signals that the financial situation may be a bit tight this month. While things are not as bad as they were last month, you are not out of the woods yet. It is likely you will still be making losses due to increased and unexpected expenses. Often, the problems that crop up will need to be solved by money.

The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself for this period by saving and budgeting accordingly. You may not be able to fully avoid these extra expenses, but you can help lessen the burden on yourself and your wallet.

Lucky Dates: 15th, 16th, 23rd, 25th

Lucky Color: Light Green

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