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Astro-Tarot forecast for September 2020

1 Aries - 21 Mar to 19 Apr Six of Swords


Things continue to sail smoothly for the most part for Aries in September. The Six of Swords signals that you are making clear and visible progress in your career.

However, you may still encounter obstacles in your journey. While your ambitious and headstrong nature can help you curry favor with your colleagues or business partners, you may find that your talents are less appreciate by those in different levels of power from you; both higher and lower.

Instead of sailing your ship full force to try and run over these obstacles, you must learn to sail around them.

Keep progress going instead of stopping everything to try and sink an unsinkable obstacle. Make compromises and move on quickly.


Venus overtakes Mercury from last month, entering your 5th house of love and romance. While this can put you in a romantic mood, it’s also a transition that can be overwhelming. While your mind ruled your love life last month, September promises that your heart will be the one in charge and it can be fickle at times.

The sudden surge of emotional energy can make this month prone to arguments or clashes between couples and loved ones. You must recognize that you may be oversensitive this month. There is a desire to run away or take a break from relationship matters like the Six of Swords. Count to 10 when you feel yourself heating up and write down your frustrations. This can calm you down and also help you see whether or not something is really worth arguing over.


The Sun is still in Aries’ 6th house of health and fitness from last month, however you may begin to feel the harsher effects of it’s energy so be careful. It is easy for Aries to burn themselves out this month or end up neglecting their health due to their focus on work or others. Like the Six of Swords, you would prefer to take a step back, think things through and put yourself first during this month.

Remember that your health is the most important; both physically and emotionally. Don’t be afraid to take breaks or treat yourself every so often this month. Taking care of yourself will lead to it’s own reward.


The Six of Swords indicates that things are flowing rather steadily when it comes to your finances. Things are comfortable this month and you can take away some of your focus and worries from bills or expenses. However, that does not mean you can completely drop your attention from this area.

Instead, the stars this month advise you focus on progressing in your career or other financial ventures. Work towards a goal instead of a number and cash will naturally come in. Aries works best when they have something to fight for, so always keep your dream in mind and the universe will naturally deliver the wealth you need to achieve it.

Lucky Dates: 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th

Lucky Color: Light Grey

2 Taurus - 20 Apr to 20 May V The Hierophant

Taurians must learn to use a steady hand this month when it comes to progressing in your career. The Hierophant advises that you do not act on impulse, but consider each situation carefully and then turn to your resources or connections to aid you. Stay sharp and remember to keep the long-term goal in mind.

Things will be relatively stable this month if you stay calm and not let yourself be swept up in any office drama. Work on shoring up your foundations.

You must ensure that you tie up all loose ends before you move forward to anything new. Consider this the month of ‘spring-cleaning’ in a sense. Be patient as you work on making a fresh start for yourself.


The Sun entered Taurus’ 5th planet romance and love late in August and continues to influence you throughout the month of September. There may be some obstacles that crop up this month. The Hierophant card is a wise card, but may find it difficult when it comes to matters of the heart or emotional problems.

This month tests your resolve and whether you have grown from who you were in the past. It can be a difficult time, but ultimately, you will prove yourself strong for coming out of it unscathed. Do not let your ego or head overrule your heart, but let all three work together to ensure you are confident in the choices you make with your loved ones.


Mercury enters Taurus’ 6th house of heal and fitness. Combined with the wise and adept energy of the Hierophant, Taurians may find September to be an even better step up from last month. You feel much more energized, though be cautious. As with this energy comes recklessness. Do not let your impulses get the better of you as you may find yourself getting hurt due to carelessness or overestimating your abilities. Take things slowly and enjoy the health that has been gifted onto you this month.


Your finances may take a sudden turn this month. Taurians are due for a reorganization and reflection on the state of their resources and where their money is put. This is normal as the state of things will naturally change overtime and the losses you face are an indication that it is time to adapt to the new flow of things.

Do not panic. Instead, begin the process or re-evaluating your current investments and financial structure. Consider setting up a new budget for this month, it will help alleviate some of your stress and worries when it comes to your wealth. The Hierophant indicates creating a systematic or constructive financial plan for this September.

Lucky Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 16th, 17th

Lucky Color: White

3 Gemini - 21 May to 20 June Seven of Cups

Venus continues to shine a light on Gemini, this time entering Gemini’s 3rd house of communication and social activity from the 6th onward. Likewise, this month is all about socializing and balancing your relationship with your colleagues and business partners.

The Seven of Cups also indicates that you may have to make multiple decisions this month, where you may have to sacrifice one thing to obtain another. There will be a mix of conflicts and agreements this month, both dealing with people and your relationship to them in work.

Luckily, you will have as many friends as you do rivals in September who will try their best to aid you in progressing in your career.


Intellectual Mercury enters Gemini’s 5th house of romance and love from the 5th onward. Combined with Venus’ energy in your 3rd house, this month is sure to be full of surprises or big changes. Lovers, both young and old, will be still be navigating the ups and downs of your relationship as you learn about your partner or family members.

This is all natural in the journey of love. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t help soften any bumps along the road. The Seven of Cups advises that you proceed with a plan of action in mind. Outlining what you’re going to say or having a specific goal in mind for your relationship can make a huge difference.


Things are hectic this month, so no one would really be surprised that Geminis may find themselves perpetually tired or exhausted this month. This is normal with all the things that will be on your plate, so don’t be afraid to schedule in some downtime throughout the month for you to rest and recover.

For those of you that insist on powering and working your way through everything, ensure you keep consistent breaks in your schedule and at least try to get the weekend off to spend with friends and family. Seven of Cups also indicates that your emotional feelings is affecting your mental state. It can be confusing with a sense of loss in direction in this month.


Geminis can relax when it comes to their finances. You may be too busy to even notice, but your investments or budgeting is finally starting to pay off. Venus’ energy from last month pays dividends this month, as your beneficiaries or investors start to come through to help support you. This may be a good time to take out a loan if you are in need of one as it will likely be approved. All the same, don’t forget to save away some of that good fortune for a rainy day. It pays to be lucky, but it pays better to be prepared for the future.

Lucky Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 17th, 18th,

Lucky Color: Baby Blue

4 Cancer - 21 Jun to 22 Jul Ace of Swords

From the 1st house to the 2nd, Venus enters Cancerian’s 2nd house of work and income this month. While Venus is often a planet focused on communication and social ties, it also tends to bring in some added drama or conflicts to the mix.

You will have to settle with the fact that you win some and you lose some when it comes to discussions or debates this month. Understand that not every obstacle operates on the same time frame, and that you must adopt a diplomatic hand in solving them.

The Ace of Swords signals that you may have to think out of the box, but most importantly, rely on your wits and reach people with your words. Take note that the Ace of Swords can also signal sudden changes in your environment.


Mercury makes it’s way into Cancerian’s 4th house of home and family. Combined with the intellectual air of the Ace of Swords, you find yourself with a much clearer outlook when it comes to your home and social life. You may often find yourself being roped into playing mediator for any conflicts or disagreements this month. This can be tiring, but ultimately necessary this month.

Cancerians may have to walk on eggshells for a while and be sensitive to the feelings of others. All the same, remember to take some time for yourself to avoid getting burnt out. Spend time with your time with your friends, especially those who stay far away. Some distance between you and your house can help.


You feel energized with month. The Ace of Swords empowers you with a clear mind and the energy needed to tackle the obstacles this month. The biggest hurdle you will face this month is stressing yourself out emotionally. Taking regular breaks for your mental health will do you wonders this month.

Otherwise, you have little to work about when it comes to your physical health. You will certainly feel the difference from last month where your health was a bit more fragile. Just ensure that you do not push yourself past your limits as they still exist. Do not be too reckless.


Venus is in your 2nd house of work and income in September. While things are still relatively stable this month, you may feel that things are slightly more positive when it comes to your income. Your investments may begin to pay out slightly this month. While you may not see a big windfall this month, you may be content to see the fair increase in your finances.

As always work towards building a solid foundation for yourself. Remember to save up when you can. Like the Ace of Sword, you will be able to sift through confusion and be clear about your financial goals for this year.

Lucky Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 20th, 21st

Lucky Color: Sky Blue

5 Leo - 23 Jul to 22 Aug Eight of Swords

Leos may feel like you’ve had a sudden change of perspective. This can be explained by Venus entering your 1st house of self and attitude from the 5th of September onwards. Combined with the murky energy of the Eight of Swords, this month may feel misleading on the surface.

Things happen unexpectedly this month, and you may be caught of guard by what comes out of the god. You will have to navigate a maze you aren’t quite sure of yet, and may have to walk on eggshells under the scrutiny of your superiors.

Luckily, Leo has always been known to make the best out of a tough situation. So, go forward and rely on your wit and connections to help get you through this month.


Mercury makes it’s way into Leo’s 3rd house of communication and social interaction. You have to be careful about overthinking your interactions with others. The Eight of Swords can be a card that represents a need to release negative energy, but being stunted. Leos may either encounter this problem themselves or find that they have to help others in mediating conflicts.

Close family may have less problems with each other than they do with distant relatives or family from long distances. Keep your cool when dealing with any conflicts in the family. Attempt to be as objective as possible when diffusing situations.


Venus in your 1st house of self and attitude blesses you with a positive increase in your energy levels from last month, however, September is a hectic and demanding month for Leo this year. You may still easily find yourself being drained if you are not careful, which can leave you prone to illness.

Even with this boost, learn to take appropriate steps to ensure that your physical and mental well-being is always your first priority. Take appropriate breaks and do not try to bite off more than you can handle this month. Eight of Swords highlights a stressful and frustrating period that can come from your work or partnership with others.


The Sun is still in Leo’s 3rd house of work and income. It’s bright and empowering energy as Leo’s ruling planet means that you can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to your finances. However, tread carefully as the Sun’s energy has a habit of intensifying everything, both income and expenses. In general, the former should overpower the latter, allowing Leos to bask in the fruits of their labor.

All the same, it’s beneficial to always set aside some of your good fortunes for future rainy days. Though, if you want to give yourself a treat this month, Leo, there’s nothing wrong with an expense for the betterment of yourself and mental health.

Lucky Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 20th, 21st

Lucky Color: Light Green

6 Virgo - 23 Aug to 22 Sept XIV Temperance

The Sun entered Virgo’s 1st house of self and attitude late in August and continues to influence you far into September. You feel a renewed sense of confidence in yourself when it comes to your career.

The beginning events of September will help to cement your confidence and solidify your network. The intensity of it’s energy combined with the balancing energy of Temperance, however, means that you will still face your fair share of obstacles alongside your victories.

Learn to take the negative with the positives and don’t let yourself become too complacent. If you can keep this work balance attitude, you will find this an enjoyable month.


The Temperance card indicates that there is some sense of harmony present in the household this month. Virgo understands that the ups and downs you face with your loved ones is part and parcel of being a family together. There is this mutual understanding, but it can still be lost when disagreements or arguments pop up.

The intensity of the Sun in your house may also lead to unwanted conflicts. It is up to you to take a deep breath, step back and talk things out rationally and deliberately with your loved ones. Virgos can become a driving force of peace in September, it is a role that has more weight than you know.


The Sun in your 1st house is a powerful and intense energy. For the normally earthy and complacent Virgo, this new found surge of energy can empower you. However, it can also make you reckless or careless. You may feel on top of the world, but you need to keep your feet on the ground. Do not let your ego overrule your rational mind.

Enjoy this period of good health, but avoid being too careless. When it comes to exercise, always remember to warm up and cool down before and after a workout. Be cautious when travelling overseas, it may be better to let someone ferry you around if you need to travel a lot. Temperance is forecasting a lazy and complacent attitude towards exercise for this month.


Mercury is in Virgo’s 2nd house of work and income. You should feel cautious in September when it comes to your finances. You may find that many of your problems will have to be fixed by throwing money at it. This is a fact that you may have to accept this month. That doesn’t mean you can’t prepare and manage your finances wisely in anticipation for it.

Ensure your rainy day budget is up to par and that you have budgets set in place to ensure that you aren’t caught too off guard when September rolls around. You will be able to make it out just fine.

Lucky Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 20th, 21st

Lucky Color: Pale Red

7 Libra - 23 Sept to 22 Oct Page of Cups

Mercury makes it’s way into Libra’s 1st house of self and attitude this month; the planet concerning communication and intellect. The Page of Cups is a young card that deals in relationships and people.

Together, their energies may mean that you will have to deal with some tricky negotiations or breakdowns in communication. Micromanaging may need to be a bit of a necessity this month, just ensure you don’t breathe down people’s necks too much.

Things will not resolve quickly this month, but be patient and keep working around the issue carefully. You will be able to navigate through this month by keeping calm and being observant.


Venus enters Libra’s 11th house of friendship and humanitarianism. The Page of Cups is one of young or hopeful love, though it can also be a bit of reckless and dramatic card. The dramatic energies of these two may lead to some conflicts or arguments within the household.

You must reign in yourself and avoid escalating any arguments. Do not let yourself be pushed around, but learn to listen for when someone genuinely needs you to help them. Things may be tense till the end of the month, but you will be able to realize what relationships were worth keeping around for yourself.


Page of Cups often appear when you are feeling vulnerable, exhausted or tense. You may want to take it easy this month. It is a hectic and dramatic time in your life. No one will blame you for feeling burnt out or exhausted. This can be a bit of a startling change from last month, but highs and lows in health are a part of life.

Make sure that you take plenty of breaks and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. You may feel obliged to be the one who fixes every problem and issue you run across, but you must prioritize your own health. Don’t let yourself get swept up in the drama of life, learn to step back and relax. You deserve to treat yourself every now and then.


Things are relatively stable when it comes to your wealth and finance. You can take a breath when it comes managing your finances. However, even though things are alright, the stress that this month puts on you can cause you to fret and worry about problems that aren’t really hindering your income.

Take two steps back and a deep breath and you will see that things aren’t as bad as they look. Work on maintaining this current balance of income to expense, but don’t push yourself too far. Now is a stable time, enjoy it instead of trying to push for a success that is not due yet. Not a good time for spending extra money or investment as the Page of Cups indicates economic instability or a weaker market.

Lucky Dates: 9th, 10th, 27th, 28th

Lucky Color: Sea Blue

8 Scorpio - 23 Oct to 21 Nov Three of Cups

Venus makes it’s way into Scorpio’s 10th house of career and structure. Things take a swing from August. The Three of Cups signals that this is a month for socialization and shoring up your network in your career.

This is the month to form partnerships and even create friendships that will benefit you in the long run.

Even if they may not seem to be too advantageous now, but in future you will be grateful to have this support network in times of hardship. That doesn’t mean you won’t get help from your colleagues this month.

You may find September is filled with roadblocks that require the wisdom of your peers to aid you through them.


The Sun enters Scorpio’s 11th house of friendship and society late in August, and it’s energy continues to affect Scorpio in September. The Three of Cups’ emphasis on friendship also plays a part this month. Friendships and platonic relationships will have a greater impact on you this month, as compared to romantic ones.

Many Scorpions will work towards building your friendships and familial ties. You realize now that there is nothing more important than the people around you and you work actively to let them know you treasure them. Couples may find that their interest are more geared towards their own friend groups. Try to find common ground or friendships that allow you to spend time together.


Scorpio continues on top of their game when it comes to health this month. As always be careful as even good health won’t help you if you are too reckless or careless with your own well-being. Remember your limits and observe proper safety protocol in all situations.

The only thing that can bog you down this month is letting yourself avoid socialization. Keep yourself stimulated by interacting with people around you. Technology can be a great way to bridge distances between you and loved ones. Even with the blessing from the universe, take care of yourself this month.


When it comes to finances, the good fortune from last month continues to aid you well into September. The support from your mentors will be invaluable this month. Scorpios who have benefactors should take their advice into consideration before making any hasty moves. Your expenses may increase this month, due to personal needs.

Watch what you are spending, but don’t be too miserly with your money either. Remember the worth of an experience cannot be objectively measured. The Three of Cups highlights some financial rewards or recognition that leads to growth and achievements during this period.

Lucky Dates: 7th, 8th, 20th, 21st

Lucky Color: Golden Yellow

9 Sagittarius - 22 Nov to 21 Dec III The Empress

The Empress signals the time of harvest for all your hard work. Paired with the energy of the Sun in your 10th house of career and structure, this is a positive and beautiful time for Sagittarians when it comes to their career.

You may find that you can finally start putting forward your own ideas or have your talents and skills recognized in works. Sagittarians won’t find themselves bored at work either, as you may have new responsibilities gifted to you.

However, be careful not to let your ego overshadow your actual talent. Always keep your feet on the ground and ensure you can maintain this favorable position for yourself.


The energy of the Empress is mainly focused on your career. Mercury enters Sagittarius’ 11th house of friendship and society. The normally sociable and fiery Sagittarius may find themselves cooling down on the social scene. You may end up being a bit of a cynic this month, passing judgments on relationships or seeing the glass as always half-empty.

There will be some issues related to family or friends that only worsen this perspective. However, this month can also provide you with a clarity of mind when it comes to existing issues in your relationships. Taking off the rose coloured glasses can be jarring, but make the best of it my taking note of problems that would affect you in the long run.


You are blessed when it comes to your health this month. Though you may find yourself dealing with many issues, you are mentally and physically guarded from most underlying problems with your heath. Ensure you get enough exercise and don’t become too preoccupied with any one thing to the point that you neglect your health.

Relax this month when it comes to your health, help others if they are struggling with their own mental health. Your advice can be invaluable to them this month and will make you feel better about your own health. The Empress bring good news for those planning for a baby or adopting a child/pet.


Your finances continue to improve this month, however, so do your expenses. Budgeting and ensuring your resources are properly organized can help aid the situation, but for some issues you find that you have no choice but to spend some extra money to help solve the problem at hand. Overall, you will still come out on top financially in this month.

However, still do your best to help ease the burden that these expenses will put on you. Set aside something extra for a rainy day so that you can spend money without feeling it in your wallet too badly. Expenses may be spent on a family member, likely an elderly female member or your own health.

Lucky Dates: 14th, 15th, 22nd, 23rd

Lucky Color: Earthy Green

10 Capricorn - 22 Dec to 19 Jan Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles signals that this is a month where you have to be cautious in order to keep your favorable position. With Mercury in your 10th house of career and structure, this is a month where you will have to heavily rely on your wit and judgement to help you solve the obstacles that crop up in your work life.

While the stars favor you making progression in your career this month, it won’t be an easy ride. While in a place of authority or overseeing others, you will have to navigate through the various issues and problems that are brought to your attention.

Be patient and do not make any hasty decisions.


Venus makes it way from Capricorn’s 7th house to their 8th house of marriage and resources. This house also deals with shared finances between couples. The Two of Pentacles seem to signal two people struggling with each other over finances as well. This will likely be the source of many conflicts.

Tempers can get heated over theses issues, but you need to step back and remind yourself that there may be something deeper associated with these material goods. Take time to cool off. Treat yourself and treat your partner if you can, do what it takes to take both your minds off the issue so you can come back to it later more calmly.


Capricorns need a break this month. No one would blame you during this hectic and emotionally draining period in your life. The Two of Pentacles signals that you have to properly balance your health with your work and social life. Luckily, the stars bless you with some fire this month to help you get through the many obstacles that come your way.

Do not take this energy for granted, as it can still be easily lost. While you are not at risk for anything too serious or heavy this month, ensure you still get proper sleep and take adequate breaks.


Money wise, things move rather predictably this month. While there is nothing exciting in the cards, sometimes boring can be better. Boring is safe and predictable and allows you to make choices ahead of time without too much worry of the market fluctuating. Relish in this time, it is the universe trying to give you a bit of a break in this trying month. Finances shared with partners will be a point of issue.

It is a good idea if you have separate bank accounts for the time being to help alleviate any arguments. The Two of Pentacles requires adjustment and caution with money matters. It would be unwise if you are thinking of selling or buying a property during this period.

Lucky Dates: 3rd, 4th, 18th, 19th

Lucky Color: Yellowish Brown

11 Aquarius - 20 Jan to 18 Feb XI Justice

Venus makes it’s way into your 7th house of relationships and contracts. Combined with the clear and concise mindset of Justice, Aquarians can look forward to solving certain long running conflicts that may have been bothering you for a long while.

Justice advices you to be practical though, while you can make a lot of progress in your career, you can’t expect to fix every single thing. Do what you can to solve smaller issues before you tackle more serious ones that will require your full attention in the long run.

This month relies heavily on your own ability and will be based on how you well you can handle legal and administrative situations.


Justice advises a slow and steady hand when it comes to your relationships this month. Do not jump to conclusions this month. Wait to verify any rumors or opinions you hear to get a full picture of any situation that comes your way. Things will not move quickly, but steadily this month. You are well aware that you need to keep a cool and objective head in order to reach the best solution.

Again, not everything can be so easily resolved this month, but what matters is that you begin the process of fixing these issues before they become more serious and potentially harm your relationships in future. Trust your judgement this month once you have all the facts.


The Sun is in Aquarius’ 9th house of philosophy and wisdom. Unfortunately, the Sun’s fiery energy can clash with Aquarius’ cooler nature. Combined with the stress that you may have to face this month, you will have to be cautious about your overall health. It can be tempting to run to indulge in junk food, reckless activities or ignore precautions to get any situation done and over with.

Take a deep breath and step back. Think before you do anything. You will thank yourself once you look back at the end of the month. Justice calls for reassessment of your lifestyle and wellness. Take note of areas related to kidneys, colon or hip bone area.


The money situation improves a bit from last month, in that your finances become less unstable and more predictable. Aquarians can breathe a sigh of relief and take a bit more of a hands-off approach when it comes to their finances this month. Unexpected bonuses or extra income may come your way though you shouldn’t rely too heavily on them.

Overall, enjoy this month and the blessings that will come your way. Beware of possible legal issues or an unexpected fine/payment as fore-casted by Justice. It would be best if you avoid taking shortcuts or avoid going against traffic violation rules.

Lucky Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 28th, 29th

Lucky Color: Deep Red

12 Pisces - 19 Feb to 20 Mar XX Judgement

Judgement is a card that calls for you to rely more on the wisdom of your superiors as well as your better judgement, logic and common sense.

This month may have some notable high points in that you will be able to strengthen your network and pick out issues or problems that you could not see before.

However, you will not be able to rectify these issues immediately within this month. September is one that moves slowly and advises you to do the same when it comes to carrying out new projects or fixing issues with the managerial organization.

Things will slowly start to improve if you employ all these tips in your career.


The Sun entered Pisces’ 7th house of relationships and marriage late in August. It’s fiery energy continues to influence you into September. Combined with the Judgement, a card of rebirth and a warning against self-doubt, September is a month where couples may not be certain how to express their feelings and desires.

This can lead to conflicts where the heart of the issue is not properly addressed in the end. It may be difficult to speak frankly with your loved ones this month with the intensity of emotions. Take a step back and try to cool down any arguments until you can get past this month. Be careful about being too trustful with those around you.


Healthwise, Pisces can hold their head high when it comes to September. You have one of the better health out of all the signs this month, but remember that the brightest flame can burn the shortest. Take advantage of this period and don’t take for granted your high energy levels and good fortunes.

Avoid being reckless, because even the luckiest sign can find it hard to rescue themselves from a careless or rash decision. Strive to maintain your diet and continue on with any meditations you have. You will be able to better bolster your health this way. Judgement highlights areas related to the genital or prostrate areas. It will be good to visit a doctor for a medical checkup during this period.


Things are a bit foggy on the horizon when it comes to your finances and wealth. While there is nothing drastic this month, you may experience more frustrating downturns in your finances every so often. This can be stressful, as you are trying to fix all the holes in which you feel your wealth slipping through.

This period will eventually pass, but you need to ensure that you do not let your frustrations get the better of you. Not quite a good time to ask for or give a loan to anyone, unless you are prepared to lose some money in the future. Judgement calls for patience, caution and best to avoid any money opportunities that sound too good to be true.

Lucky Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 17th, 18th,

Lucky Color: Light Silver

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