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Cancer - July 2017 Astro Tarot Forecast

Cancer – 21 Jun to 20 Jul

Tarot Card - The World


Most of the planets are below the Horizon and Cancerians will be focused on their families, but that won’t weaken their career interest. Mars is in their 10th House of Career until the 28th. Yes, July requires balancing of family and career needs. Career will be fast-paced and bold actions will be needed if they want success. Perhaps you are fending off competitors or challenges to your position. Cancerians need to act smart and fast if they want to show results.


Singles will find love opportunities while they pursue their financial goals; they may meet some really amazing people at the bank, or may become interested with people involved in their finances. Cancerians will be intrigued by wealthy people this month.


Big ambitions and pursuing of career goals may stress gentle Cancerians and affect their health. Organs like the liver, thighs, kidneys and hips require attention and even maybe a regular doctor’s check. Don’t neglect your own body.


Cancerian’s Financial Planet, the Sun, is in Cancer until the 22nd which is a good financial sign. There will be windfalls and opportunities and financial opportunities are pursuing them. Finally after all the hard work, Cancerians can relax and let financial opportunities find them. July brings spending and self-investment. After the 22nd, Cancerian’s Financial Planet will move into their Money House which of course is amazing. A business partnership just waits to be formed.

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