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Gemini - July 2017 Astro Tarot Forecast

Gemini – 21 May to 20 Jun

Tarot Card - Ten of Wands


Career is on hold this month. Even if Gemini representatives try, there won’t be much to do about it; time will resolve every problem, they just need to remain patient. Just like in June, this is a good period for building the career with planning, visualizing and affirming desirable manifestations. Future keeps good dealt of the stars, so be patient and ready for it.


Gemini representatives don’t need to invest their time in anyone this month. It’s better to be outside of a relationship if they cannot dedicate themselves to their partner or potential partner. On July 1st is the beginning of a reflecting period and Gemini will want to think about just what kinds of romantic interest they are interested in?


Health is excellent, but Gemini would want to keep their head and scalp away from minor injuries. Their neck and throats may be sensitive too. Try to do less challenging exercises and stay away from the hot burning sun.


Finances are still strong and important financial changes are happening. Saturn has been a stern financial taskmaster in the last two years; it will leave Gemini’s Money House on the 28th. Gemini representatives are by now more proportional in their spending and investing. Now it’s the time to become financially healthier and wiser.

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