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Libra - July 2017 Astro Tarot Forecast

Libra – 23 Sept to 22 Oct

Tarot Card - King of Wands


Libras are in their yearly career peak, and now is excellent time for pushing forward their career goals. Progress is inevitable. Their entire family seems to be experiencing career success, honours, recognition and higher status. It’s amazing for Libras and for their families.


Love is complicated. In July, there will be love for Libras but the ride won’t be smooth. Libra’s Love Planet is first involved in the T-Square. Then on the 28th it gets involved in another, different T-Square. Libras will have to balance a lot. Just like last month, singles can find love and love opportunities at parties, weddings and at any social gathering. July will make singles being attracted by athletic types.


Libra’s Health Planet is retrograde in July. This means that a change to current health regimes and diet is not a smart idea. Organs like the heart, ankles and feet will require more attention. After the 28th Libras can slow down and practice lighter exercise. Health and vitality will improve after the 22nd


Finances are wonderful. Libras who are seeking a new job should study job offers well. General earnings are strong. Friends, groups, associations or professional organizations also bring financial opportunity. Jupiter is moving forward in Libra, so prosperity is also moving forward.

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