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Pisces - July 2017 Astro Tarot Forecast

Pisces – 19 Feb to 20 Mar

Tarot Card - The Chariot


Career has been less important but somehow Pisces will face some career progress after July the 23rd. Work and fun are the two most important areas in the lives of Pisces this July. They will balance between these two and will try to mix both business and pleasure, or bring more fun at work.


Venus, the universal Planet of Love, moves into Pisces’ 7th House of Love on the 10th, and brings romantic opportunities. Singles will have great choices. Their needs in love change fast this month and they will need someone who can understand and adapt to this. Until July the 7th Pisces will need intellectual and emotional sharing.


Pisces’ health is much improved in July and they are interested to keep it in good shape. Nothing will make them feel bad and their immune system will be as strong as their will to keep themselves healthy, in good mood and energized.


Financial windfalls either from a parent, or from career come in the first week of July. Pisces’ self-esteem is good and earnings are coming easily at them. They are flooded with creative ideas that somehow are excellent for earning money. After the 13th, money comes from work; for some Pisces representatives it comes from implementing their creative ideas.

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