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Virgo - July 2017 Astro Tarot Forecast

Virgo – 22 Aug to 22 Sept

Tarot Card - Ace of Cups


This is a good time now to wrap up career activities and to prepare new phase of life. Virgos need to clear their desks, finish old career projects and slow down after they are done. Virgos who are in the creative-type fields will have more inspiration. Even if they aren’t involved in a creative job, they will be involved in creative hobbies.


Virgos will get their way with charm and grace. This is a great time for investment in good clothes and jewelry (but a lot of these things will come to them as gifts. Virgos will want to look good while they are seeking their new partners. Serious love is on hold. Both of their Love Planets are still retrograde, and love will take its time.


Virgos will not have any serious problems with their health during July. All they need to do is keep an eye on their weight and waist line. Virgos need to stick to their healthy foods and diets in order to keep their balanced health good.


Money and financial opportunities are pursuing the hardworking Virgos this month. They are advised to continue with their work just like so far and let good opportunities find them. Intuition is very important (especially when comes to money) and will serve the Virgos well until the 23rd.

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